Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Workshop Info

I said I would tell everyone how the workshop went, so I'll cover that today. Sorry it didn't make it in yesterday, but nekkid guy won out. The workshop was Margie Lawson's Empowering Characters' Emotions. It is being offered online right now althought it technically started yesterday, so I don't know if you can sign up late. If you can, it's probably worth the $25. Here's the link.

So about the workshop - well, I'm pretty sure it's great, but I can't say for sure. Why, you ask. The answer is simple - because I am an absolutely horrible student. I hate sitting in class listening to someone teach. I don't care about applying technique to my writing right there and reading it out loud, and I don't care to hear other people's work out loud either. I simply don't learn that way. In about ten minutes, I zoned completed out. I finally gave up about an hour into class and started editing a wip I'd brought along. At lunch, I called it a day and decided not to stay for the rest.

Now, I want everyone to understand that my actions had NOTHING to do with the course material presented. It is simply not the way I learn. I prefer to read technique and apply myself. Give me a book or a manual and I'm great. Put me in class and I feel that everything drags and is a waste of time. Of course, the irony here is that I'm an instructor myself. But believe me, I'm not being a hypocrit - I bore myself when I train too. :)

So I think the information is great - and in fact, I signed up for the online course so I could simply read and apply which is my best method for learning. Sorry I couldn't cover more on the course, but I kinda spaced.

I do think it's probably more of an advanced set of information, so I don't necessarily think someone just starting to write would be able to get much out of it because you're still covering the basics.

Tomorrow, I am off to Las Vegas to train - and they pay me for this job!


Tori Lennox said...

I'm not an auditory learner either. Give me something to read to learn and I do a lot better.

Jaye Wells said...

I'm the complete opposite. If it involves talking, I'll remember it.

Jana DeLeon said...

Yeah, tori, sometimes it's a curse. But I got the first round of notes from the online class yesterday and learned more in five minutes than I did the whole time in class. :)

Jaye - I wish I was more like that. God knows, I tend to zone out if people go on too long. But give me a book.......and I can work wonders.

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