Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Last night, I experienced a moment from my latest heroine's life, which is not usually a good thing when you consider the book is entitled UNLUCKY for a reason. My husband was in the backyard messing with the pool, which happened to have collected a snake in a filter. It was a small snake but that is not the point. I don't want to swim with small snakes OR large snakes. So I go outside to help with the snake adventures and that's where trouble began.

We have a deadbolt on our back door along with one of those long handle type door knobs - you know the kind that look like a lever. The handle also has a lock but apparently when the door was opened, the lock wasn't quite clicked all the way over. So my subsequent pulling the door shut kicked it back in the other direction and locked us out of the house.

To add insult to injury our gate to our backyard is also padlocked from the outside - the fence is 8 foot - and my husband and I are not small people - the fence is also not overly sturdy and will be replaced soon. PLUS, it was about to rain.

So my neighbor comes home and we yell over the fence to ask if we can borrow her phone and a phone book. We call a bunch of locksmiths before finding one that can come out within an hour. My neighbor is offering ladders so we can get out of the back yard, but we elected to sit it out.

Then it started to rain - and hail. No, I am not shitting you.

We have this small overhang off the back door, so we drug two lawn chairs under it and huddled together with three dogs who were obviously wondering why the hell we didn't open the door and go inside.

So how was your Tuesday?


Anonymous said...

I spent Tuesday morning at a ladies prayer meeting at church, the noon hour bottle feeding my precious little lamb, not quite 2 months old (I am talking about sheep), and writing Easter cards to mail to the local armed service men/women. Went to post office to mail cards and get my local newspaper, which had printed my letter to the editor. Spent the evening at a grass roots meeting of concerned citizens trying to overturn a permit to allow a man with a septic tank cleaning service to dump the contents of his truck on an elevated forty acre trac that adjoins Lake Fork Creek and runs directly into Lake Fork. The group collected a lot of money and hired an attorney with a proven record of winning such suits. Had a great day. But, I can remember having days like the one you had, Jana. Have broken windows and crawled in and have called locksmiths to unlock cars and houses. Hope the rest of your week is good enough to make up for this and glad you were not injured by the hail. Helen

Cindy Taylor said...

OMG, Jana!

Will you still be my friend if I tell you how hard I laughed reading this. (sheepish grin) It is exactly like your character's luck, which is what makes it so funny. If I were a fan, reading this in a novel, I'd be rolling on the floor.

But, alas, I want to stay friends with you, so I'm not rotflmfao. (big cheezy grin)

Tori Lennox said...

Oh, wow. That same storm system hit here and we were panicking about another tornado (and there were some close by), but all we actually got at our house was a severe thunderstorm. At least we were indoors.

Kimber An said...

Been there, done that, bleached the t-shirt into oblivion. I'd still prefer that to your Friday night adventure - eeeewwwww!!!

Cari Manderscheid said...

Ooooh, it reminds me of the time I locked myself out of my house around 6:00am in my ratty old bathrobe and an even rattier pair of slippers. Luckily, I had a leather coat I had slipped into before I stepped outside. Upon realizing I'd locked myself out, I had to go over to my neighbors' house (we'd just moved in) and introduce myself for the first time so I could use their phone to call my husband at work and tell him to come home and let me in. And I don't know what was worse, the fact that I was dressed like that or that I was dressed like that AND had horrible bed head and morning breath! Ugh, to this day, I'm still embarrassed everytime I see that neighbor!

Kelly Parra said...

Yikes, that was an unlucky episode, Jana! I've had my share of lockouts, too! At least you had each other. :) :)

Wendy Roberts said...

LOL oh Jana, I'm sooo sorry *snort* :D

Well, I got locked outside once. In Winnipeg Canada. In my shorty nightgown. It was - 35F. Not fun.

Jana DeLeon said...

Well, I must say that you guys have made me very happy I wasn't running around in something ratty or too short, although I was wearing shorts and a tank top with no bra.

The really scary thing is that the locksmith opened the front door in about five seconds. It's really a good thing some of those people don't go in for the criminal line of things - scary!

Jaye Wells said...

Wait, you were locked in your backyard with a SNAKE? First, I don't care how small the darn thing is--they're all killers! Second, since you live in my neighborhood this means there might be a snake in my backyard too. Looks like I need to move.

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Jaye!!! I'm afraid with the park nearby, there will always be slimy slithery creatures. This one just happened to think my pool was a better habitat than the stream in the park. Of course my pool has considerably more water given the watering ban. :)

Don't move just yet. I'll get him before too long.

Sassy Sistah said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sorry - I laughed out loud too. Just the image in my head of you, your husband and the dogs, all huddling underneath a tiny overhang trying to stay out of the rain and HAIL...but I AM sorry you got locked out. That's no fun at all.

This didn't happen last Tuesday - it was on Thursday - but my sister locked her purse (with her keys) in the trunk of her (locked) car - we were several states away from home at the time. Thank God for AAA. And that locksmith too opened the car right up in about two seconds. Yep. A little scary when you think about it.

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