Tuesday, April 24, 2007

RT - The Arrival

After a mere four-hour drive down scenic Interstate 45 (look, there's that tree...), I arrived at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Houston. I must say, the hotel staff is superb and the room is excellent. However, I haven't slept yet, so I still reserve the right to say the mattress was horrid. But let's hope not since I get five nights on that sucker.

Not much going on today as most people will be arriving tomorrow. But I met up with fellow authors and DARA members, Sandy Blair, Tracy Garrett and Jo Davis/Jo Carlisle. We put a starting dent in the bar stock, then headed about twenty feet away for food. Now, I'm back in my room where I am fairly sure I am going to take a hot bath, maybe grab some coffee from downstairs first, then do some editing before I turn in.

I figure I ought to get some sleep now - it will probably be in short supply by the end of the week. I'll check back in tomorrow!


Wendy Roberts said...

Hope you had a great night sleep. Wish I could be there helping you put a bigger dent in the bar stock ;-)

Jana DeLeon said...

The bar stock is definitely dented, but I plan on making a hole. :) Wish you were here too!!!!

Sassy Sistah said...

Oh, am I ever JEALOUS! I could help you with that bar stock too! AND the food! Have wonderful time, Jana...and think of us "wannabees" out here for a moment or two! And - I hope the mattress (as well as the whole convention) is GREAT!

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