Friday, April 06, 2007

The Las Vegas Experience

So today wraps up my whirlwind Las Vegas experience. I've got to rush to checkout, so I'll just do a brief summary:

Number of meals eaten at casinos - 4
Number of good meals eaten at casinos - 0
Cost of meals - you don't want to know
Money lost on slots - $60, but there's probably time for a couple more on the way out :)
Miles walked across parking lots - At least a hundred

All in all it was an okay time. Just not near as much fun when you're alone. But I'll be looking forward to a vacation here with my husband as soon as we can arrange for it.

BTW - my mom emailed me yesterday to tell me it's supposed to snow on Easter. Snow!!!! My ruination of local weather never ends.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And happy Easter egg hunting!


Tori Lennox said...

Do we not want to know about the cost of the meals because they were expensive or because they weren't? :) I always thought Vegas was a cheap place to eat.

Wendy Roberts said...

Snow on Easter?! =:-0

We'll probably have rain but it'll be warmish for here 15C (about 60F) but I won't complain since I don't have to shovel it LOL. Have a great Easter.

Sassy Sistah said...

Jana! Please! Stop with the snow! Dang, it's cold here today and this is the supposedly the sunny south. Sigh. Well, at least it isn't snowing - yet.

Have a wonderful Easter, everybody!

Jana DeLeon said...

I'd LOVE to stop with the snow - I'm ready for pool weather!

And tori - Everyone told me the first time I went to Vegas that there was all this "great, cheap food." Uh, not?! There is some great food and there is some cheap food but they are never at the same time. Also, a lot of the expensive food just isn't that great. Witness Thursday night when I had lobster bisque and scallops w/mashed potatoes to a bill of $70. And it wasn't good. Not in the least.

I have eaten great food in Vegas, but have easily paid $150 for two people for it. Now, if you're not picky like me, maybe you would enjoy it????????

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