Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Monday!

I know it's sort of late for a Monday post, but hey, it's still Monday. And today is happy Monday.

Why, you ask??????

Well, that's because technically, I am on vacation the rest of the week, AND I'm going to the RT Convention in Houston tomorrow. The RT Convention is hosted by Romantic Times Magazine and is a fun opportunity for readers to spend half a week mixing it up with authors.

There are lots of workshops, mixers and costume parties to make things interesting. Since your truly has been buried with revisions, I did not have time to get costumes together, BUT I will be taking pictures of those that did.

So this week, I will be blogging from humid Houston, relaying the fun and excitement of the RT Convention. Don’t look for a post early, as I have to drive there tomorrow – yuck – and it’s about a 4 hour drive. And since I’m way too smart to leave during work traffic, I probably won’t arrive in Houston until mid-afternoon.

But after that, look for daily updates!

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Tori Lennox said...

Have lots of fun!!!

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