Monday, April 30, 2007

Draggin' on a Monday

So it's Monday just past noon and I'm still dragging. Left Houston early yesterday and arrived home by lunch. Hung out with hubby a bit and saw a movie, but that's about it. Thank goodness I still had enough clean underwear left, because I'm back at the airport today on my way to North Carolina for a training. May is super-duper busy - I'll be on the road four out of five weeks. But hey, I've definitely got some airline miles coming for this!

Conference was great! I met a ton of indy booksellers who are simply fabulous and loved RUMBLE and want promo stuff. Magical words! I'll be posting pics as soon as I'm back home and can break out the cable thingie and hook up the camera.

I am behind on GCC tours this week, so I'll be touring two lovely ladies as soon as I have the time to finesse and load their info. Please be sure and check below the GCC posts, as I will also try to blog every day seperately so that I can try and catch you up on everything.

In other news, RUMBLE is a finalist in the Wisconsin Write Touch Readers' Award Contest!

And to make that even better, I met a lady on the dance floor at the Ellora's Cave party who was one of the judges and told me how much she loved RUMBLE! I've got a pic with her that I'll post later this week.

Oh well, they're about to start boarding, so I need to pack up the laptop and get ready for another 2.5 hours of uncomfortable seating.

I'll see you from NC!

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