Thursday, November 30, 2006

Very Temporary Writer's Block

So I've actually had a bit of a bout with writer's block and it's not pretty. It's real and it's scary. But the other morning I had a very temporary (like ten minutes) bout with writer's block and I thought I would share.

Those of you who know me know I'm a morning writer. And I don't write at home, I write over breakfast. In fact, for ten years I ate breakfast at the same Owens restaurant anywhere from 5-7 times a week. RUMBLE was written in Owens and some of you may remember the anguish I felt when coporate sold all their restaurants and literally came in one day and closed them without notice - to customers OR employees. (And a big middle finger up to Bob Evans Corporation for that act, BTW)

Well, hubby and I moved in March to a new area of town so I had to find a new breakfast joint. I tried several but finally found one to my liking. It's the perfect diner sort of setting. Vinyl boths, metal chairs and tables that wobble. Worn carpet and a bunch of blue-collar workers, farmers, retirees, etc. It looks like a typical small-town diner except for the size and the fact that the waitresses take orders with wireless pda's - an irony that just amused the hell out of me given the outward appearance of the joint.

So I was at my breakfast spot on Tuesday, and typing away on my latest draft. There was a large group of retired gentlemen having some sort of meeting in a bunch of arranged tables close to my booth, but I had them screened out so I didn't know what they were doing. Then I got to this particularly steamy section of the work. It was the second kiss scene. The first kiss was one of those eye-opener experiences. The second kiss was one of those body responding on fire experiences.

So I'm in the hero's pov and just about to explain which of his parts are on fire when a gentlemen from the meeting group stands up and starts to pray. Apparently this is a religious meeting.

Normally, I can screen out anything except people speaking directly to me or kids (can't stand screaming kids), but there is just something so inherently wrong about writing about a stiffy while someone is praying not less than two foot from where you're sitting. It took me about ten minutes after the amen to recover my composure and continue.

And that, my friends, is my story of temporary writer's block.


Tori Lennox said...

I'm sorry but I'm ROFL here! I can see how that would be disconcerting at the very least. :)

Alexandra said...

Well, that's what I call a truly religious experience! lol!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Since I do much of my writing in a coffee shop, I can totally relate. As matter of fact, I had this one nosy lady come right over and look at my Dana screen one time. I was writing a very graphic murder scene. She turned white and went back to her seat. Serves her right LOL.

Jana DeLeon said...

no apologies for laughing, Tori, I was still chuckling when I wrote this blog. :)

lol alexandra - I guess as long as they don't pass the plate and ask me to tithe, I probably shouldn't complain.

Wendy - that is too funny! I've had someone do that but I told them quickly to buzz off. I guess if I'm writing something particularly horrible or sexy, maybe I'll just let them keep reading. :)

Kelly Parra said...

Oh my gosh! That is too funny, Jana. hahaha! Well, you're certainly in writer mode with this blog entry. I can tell! =D

Cari Manderscheid said...

Okay, this is a first! Since when has a *stiffy* ever stopped you from doing anything?! LOL. I know the group of guys you're talking about. They meet at the diner regularly, along with the farmers in their overalls! In fact, some of their stories are damn near just as funny, although less sexually oriented!!! It IS a family diner, after all! :)

Jana DeLeon said...

kelly - yes, the writer has returned. apparently she was on hiatus for a bit but I am really starting to feel back in the swing of thing. Thank God!

Cari - yeah, that whole family diner thing is getting me. Heck Owens was supposed to be a family diner too, but I never ran into that problem there. Guess people in my old neighborhood don't pray?

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