Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Traffic Woes

I want to go ahead and apologize ahead of time for the length and content of this blog. I promise I was going to do better, but traffic sucked this morning and I have class starting in fourteen minutes and software that didn't clone. (sigh)

It is misting here in Dallas. That means no one can drive except at 2 miles per hour and with a wreck conveniently located at every red light. The cops, in their eternal quest to make our lives easier, are not moving these drivable cars into parking lots - nooooooooooo they're standing in the middle of the road along with the wreckees discussing it like they're having a coffee break. And hell, maybe they are. Anyway, long-story-short - it took me 5o minutes to commute 10 miles.

And hey, it's only going to get better. Thursday we're supposed to get sleet - SLEET! And the temperature will be down in the 20's. If you think Texans can't drive in water, you ought to see what they do on ice. Now, I happen to be able to drive on both AND have an all-wheel drive vehicle, but I'm not the problem. The question is, do I want to put my perfectly capable vehicle, with perfectly capable driver out on the road with all those OTHER people? Probably not.

I'll update you on Thursday/Friday whenever the bad weather comes and let you know how we're surviving here.

On the plus side - my husband is a body shop manager and sleet is wonderful for business. Not as good as hail, but we'll take it.

AND I wrote five pages this morning so the rain didn't effect my mind.

That's all for now - I'm off to class.


Alexandra said...

I'll take the sleet and mid 20's anyday over what we get. Which is usually minus something or other between ten and twenty along with 10-40cm of snow when winter finally gets going up here, in the snowy north.

Tori Lennox said...

Oh, Lord! When I lived in Arizona (where it DOES rain!) people would totally freak out every single time. Drove me insane! So I totally sympathize. :)

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