Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Movie in Review

So after my "big" trip home to Louisiana, I arrived back home on Sunday not wanting to do a darn thing that required energy. Well, it took a little energy to put on decent clothes and go to the movie, but I'm glad we did. We saw The Prestige. It was pretty darn good for me and excellent for most other movie goers. Why the difference, you say. Well, I have this rather annoying habit of figuring out the twists and turns of plots before the writer intended me to. I can't help it - I write psuedo mysteries, for God's sake. I'm always looking for misdirection. So about half-way through I'd figured out the two main plot twists, but it didn't stop me from loving the movie. My husband, who is a huge movie buff and no slouch himself, didn't "get" the two main twists until I pointed them out so that's why I say it was pretty darn good for me and will be excellent for most other watchers.

The plot centers around two magicians (pre-1900) and the competition they get into (over personal reasons) to find the best trick and outdo each other. Sounds simple, but trust me, this movie had it all - liars, secrets, twists, plot turns, death, love - everything that makes a great movie. The acting was superb, but then who doesn't love Hugh Jackman and Christina Bale? Not to mention that neither are hard on the eyes. And let's not forget the huge talent of Sir Michael Caine.

It's not The Usual Suspects, but it's damn good!


Colleen Gleason said...

I think you mean Christian Bale. ;-)

And this movie is on the top of my list to go see, which might happen as early as Friday. :-)

Jana DeLeon said...

ROFLMAO - yes, there would be a bit of a problem if I found Christina so attractive.

Tori Lennox said...

Ah, now THIS is a movie I've been wanting to see! Though I probably won't see it until it hits pay-per-view. But that's beside the point. :) You can't go wrong with Hugh Jackman. Even if his movie sucks, you have something hot to look at. :)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen The Illusionist? Maybe it's the romantic in me, but I enjoyed it even more than The Prestige. I found it difficult to really root for any of the characters in The Prestige, though I thought it was a fun movie. ~Leah

Jana DeLeon said...

tori - you should definitely check it out!

Hi Leah! I have not seen The Illusionist yet, but I might try to this weekend.

I pulled for Jackman's character because I think the other guy started the whole mess. But neither were exactly upstanding. It was kind of like watching a mafia movie where the entertainment value is in the twists and just how far people will go.

Anonymous said...

I, like Jana, figure out movies before they are finished and I drive my husband crazy because I have to tell him so I feel as if my theory has validation. I agree about it being a great movie even though I too figured it out, but was saddened that both of them lost because of their obsession, the irony is neither one won.

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