Friday, November 24, 2006

The First Day After Thanksgiving.......

and the turkey gave to me - heartburn.

Or maybe it wasn't the turkey. Maybe it was the chicken dressing, lima beans, cajun rice, sweet potato casserole, fruit salad or baked beans. I'm certain it wasn't the four-layer pie. :)

So I'm up fairly early, even though I was going to try to sleep late - late being 7:30 or so. I have the day off today - whoohoo! Am I shopping - hell no!

My husband wanted to buy a dvd a couple of nights ago and I was like "I've already told you I will not go to Best Buy until 2007." Last weekend, when the PlayStation 3 released, there was a line around the building - with tents! People actually slept there all night to get a game. Hell, most people won't sleep somewhere all night to get a job, but apparently the new PlayStation is uber-important.

I found my first bad review of RUMBLE the other day, but it was from an individual and apparently not important as it hasn't circulated anywhere else. What tickled me about it was her problem with the book. She apparently didn't like when my heroine refused to ride in the hero's car and commented that no one drove a Honda Accord except someone with a stick up his ass. Then she goes on to call it a foreign piece of crap.

So this is the reason I hacked someone off?????? My heroine said "Jesus Christ on a stick!" some chapters before that one and THAT didn't hack her off, but God forbid we insult a Honda Accord?

I know my good blog readers don't have to be reminded of this, but IT'S FICTION. My characters says what small-town deep-south Louisiana people might say. The statements or comments of my characters in no way reflect my views on society, God or foreign cars. In fact, I drive an Infiniti and the exact opposite of the statement my heroine made is the reality for me - I don't drive American cars.

It scares me sometimes that certain people are loose in the world. How angry and uptight they must always be if such irrelevant things bother them so.

So for this Thanksgiving, I think I've finally decided on the one thing I'm most thankful for -

I'm most thankful that I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks.

Trust me, it's a peace of mind you can't come to any other way.


Kimber An said...

That is too funny, Jana! Well, you're still the Queen in my book. I've read a lot this year to educate myself in this business. 'Rumble' is still the only one of the books I totally love. You keep going!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks so much, kimber! If only I could put my finger on the "love" factor when it comes to books. But I never, ever can. I have my favorite authors, of course, but sometimes I love their books and sometimes they're just okay. I really don't want to write "okay" but darned if I know what creates that "love" factor. If I figure it out, I'm going to market it and make millions. :)

Kimber An said...

I think it's different for each person, so it's impossible for an author to write to the 'love' factor. For me, whether I'm writing the story or reading, it's all in the characters and their development and interactions. I have to be hooked on Page 1 by the protagonist and she's got to have believable dimension. Real people have friends and family and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. Some pick their noses while others are disgusted by it. I have to be made to care about the characters from the start. Otherwise, the love scenes, the plot, everything else falls on its butt and I toss the book aside with a sigh, wondering how much credit I can get for it at the used bookstore. But, that's just me. ;)

Tori Lennox said...

I've come to the conclusion that 99% of the general population is just plain strange. *g*

Not anybody I know, of course, but all those Other People. ;)

Jana DeLeon said...

kimber - I definitely agree that I have to care about the characters or even the most amazing plot won't interest me. However, you can have the most amazing characters and still bore me to tears. It's just so hard to please some people. :)

Tori - I hear ya - Other People are a blight on society. But never short on the interesting factor.

Alexandra said...

Someone got a bug up their ass over a Honda? lol! Not that's priceless, and it didn't stretch my plastic.

Okay, so I've just discovered you and, naturally, not only bookmarked you, but also added Rumble to my wishlist. :-)

Tammy Kearly said...

"I'm most thankful that I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks."

A-men, sister!!

Jana DeLeon said...

lol on the "priceless, alexandra. It definitely takes all kinds - even those with a bug up their asses over Honda insults. Thanks so much for the bookmark and I hope you enjoy RUMBLE. Please let me know.

hi Tammy - Oh sister of my same thoughts and opinions. :)

Kelly Parra said...

Sorry for that review, Jana! It's got to be hard reading something like that. One of my biggest fears. argh! But don't let it get you down and focus on all the readers who love RUMBLE. =D

Cari Manderscheid said...

You know, Jana, that's one of the things I've always liked best about you! You DON'T care what anyone else thinks and that's great because some people, you can NEVER please! And unfortunately, some of those people have computers. :)

The many great reviews far outweigh the opinion of this woman who's probably related to that East German Nazi bitch who judged me in my first contest!

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Cari, on the contest bitch. She must make the circuit. I'm certain that's who gave me the 2 in the Golden Heart, thereby removing Rumble completely from contention. Oh well, who has the last laugh......the one with the published book.

Keep plugging away - you'll get the Nazi woman yet. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Kelly - it really didn't get me down at all. My reviews from all the people that count have been great. Quite frankly, I never expected that. I was more amused than anything at the small things that can totally ruin someone's day. What the heck will they do if a real crisis comes their way?

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