Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday, Beautiful Friday!

Dallas has officially survived the cold front. Unfortunately, it did not include hail. There was a little icing of roads but not near to the extent I was hoping for. Oh well, better luck next front.

Today is Friday and I am happy for so many reasons. One, it's the end of the work week - yea! I trained a class this week and had one of those weeks where I bored myself so I was certain I had bored everyone else. Apparently that wasn't the case as several of the students told me how much they enjoyed it. Or maybe it was just the candy I bribed them with around 2:00 every afternoon.

Second reason to be happy it's Friday - this is writer's weekend! And I haven't had a writer's weekend in forever. That means tonight I will meet with my cp, Cari (Cindy is out of town) and we'll stay at the hotel that will host the DARA (Dallas Area Romance Authors) Christmas breakfast and meeting tomorrow. We'll have dinner and drink, discuss our wips, drink, talk about technique, drink, work out plot problems, etc, drink. Anyway you get the idea.

And in addition to the DARA breakfast tomorrow, I'm getting my hair done - double yea! It's probably a bit overdue and I'm going to try a new color so we'll see how that turns out. Now if I could just fit in a manicure and pedicure, the weekend might be perfect.

So what are your plans?


Tori Lennox said...

My only plans are to stay inside and keep warm. :) Your weekend sounds a lot more fun, though!

Anonymous said...

Yippee for you! I finally figured out how to put your link on my blog, by the way. I was about to hurl my computer out the window when my Heroic Husband finally made Blogger be nice to me.

Cari Manderscheid said...

Hey there, CP! What a blast we had drinking and eating and plotting! :) I highly recommend it to all of your bloggers!

Cindy, we missed you!

Tammy Kearly said...

Hey Jana,
Post a pic of your new 'do!!!

Kelly Parra said...

Oh fun! Tell us how it went and definitely the hair color you picked. ;D

Jana DeLeon said...

I had tons of fun - too much to drink and more industry gossip than actual plotting, but hey, it's girl's night, right?

The hair is a mixture of dark brown, blonde and really light blonde highlights.

If I get it fixed sometime and actually have a camera nearby (and hubby ready to take a picture) I'll try to post one.

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