Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What Ever Happened to Funny?

So my latest proposal is in the second round of "works" and getting ready to go back to my publisher for a re-review. Right now, the market for "funny" seems to be flailing about and that depresses me. Not only is it hard to find a buyer for a humorous romance, but apparently women's fiction is the same way. Everyone wants dark and brooding.

So why the big switch? Used to, people LOVED funny.

Now, I know my blog readers love funny, or they wouldn't read me. But what do you think is going on in the marketplace? Lord knows, life is difficult enough without depressing myself with a book. So why is everyone hell bent on sad stories of miserable lives?



Jaye Wells said...

I wish I had an answer. I wonder if it's like food. After you binge on chocolate for a while you need some salty potato chips for balance. Let's face it, the publishing industry tends to glut the market with one kind of thing until people can't stand it anymore. Readers end up needing some palette-cleansing literary Pringles.

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Jaye - yeah, I know if always comes in cycles - and lucky me, I write one on a downswing. :) But you've got to wonder how many truly wonderful humorous books are being passed because of this. (sigh)

Jaye Wells said...

If it makes you feel any better I've written three humorous vampire books. Talk about two strikes in this market.

Tori Lennox said...

Gosh, I hope that trend doesn't last long. I really don't like dark and brooding books. Give me lighthearted and funny any day!

Kelly Parra said...

I don't know, but I think funny will always be around and needed. The market always shifts. Good luck with the second round! Email if you need any thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Reflection on current society. Evening news filled with murders. Dallas Morning News yesterday--slaying of a Univ North Texas co-ed murdered in her apt. Apt filled with Anne Rice/vampire/Elvira/ Halloween items. She favored Gothic clothing/decor. Chief suspect, former boyfriend she took in because he had no place to go.
Am reading Chicken Soup for the Writers Soul. Encouraged by the numerious rejections of some of the most famous works of fiction, and the number of writers who self published and marketed their own stuff because they believed in it when no one else did. I like funny. I have enough misery in my everyday life. When I want to escape, it has to be to a happy place.

Wendy Roberts said...

Hey, Jana, if we had a crystal ball to guess the future of publishing we'd all be rich, right? I'll say that I've given up guessing the market but you and I both know you just can't help but try and figure things out.

Jana DeLeon said...

Jaye - I can't say anything about your humorous vampire stories except - that sucks! I'd still send them out though. The train is pulling away from the station but you could still catch it. Maybe. :)

tori - I prefer the funny too. I have to be in the mood for dark. Not romantic suspense though - I like those, but that dark, deep women's fiction - yeah, have to be prepared for those before I read.

anon - the news is definitely depressing. Probably why I don't watch/read it. And there's always hope for writers, but it's a tough industry and no one in it should ever say otherwise.

wendy - yeah, work on that crystal ball thing. I'd love to split the profits! :) And no, we're not going to stop trying to second guess the market unless we die or quit writing.

Anonymous said...

I read across a lot of genres, but I consistently prefer humor of some kind or another. I read non-humorous sometimes depending on mood, author, etc., but if you look at my bookshelves, at least 2/3 of the books will have a definite humor component.
For my romance, I am almost exclusively a romantic comedy girl. I don't want to read about miserable, abused, neurotic, and/or broken people. I don't want to share the emotional trip with the characters who have to overcome huge mountains of bleak depression to find their happily ever after.
I like a well plotted book with great characters, snappy dialogue, and enough humor to keep me smiling.
Like some of the other ladies have noted, there's plenty of grim grief and despair in real life. Let me have fun in my escape! And that's why I have a wall o shelves filled with books ... so that when the gloom n doom market hits the up cycle, I will still have stuff to read, even if it means re-reading old favorites.
Pink Pelican

Jana DeLeon said...

God bless you, Pink!!!! Can you please become the spokewoman for romantic comedy????? Pretty Pink Please?

Anonymous said...

Well, ya know ... if I could get people to let me run the entertainment world (not that I actual WANT to take those people to raise), they wouldn't have cancelled "Dead Like Me" and I could get all of the Carol Burnett shows on DVD. ;=)

I've just accepted the fact that I live a half beat out of step with the rest of the world.

Keep plugging away, babe ... I'll be here waiting for your next release!

Pink Pelican

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