Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, the moment I've been waiting for finally happened and I'm happy to say, I am enormously relieved! My Romantic Times review came in and UNLUCKY got 4 1/2 stars. Yeah! Here's the quote:

"With original, smart and comedic writing, DeLeon delivers a three-dimensional hero and heroine, a community of offbeat secondary characters, a complex and intriguing plot with a hint of the paranormal and a fascinating peek into the world of casino poker."

Romantic Times is such a big deal and I am soooooooo thrilled to have gotten another 4 1/2 star review. I always worry until this comes out.

All of this, of course, takes me right back around to having another release coming up, which makes me think of marketing, which makes me go huh? I wish someone - anyone - could pin down an effective marketing plan for writers but it just hasn't happened. It's simply too hard to quantify.

I try new authors because they're recommended or I've just come across their book and the back cover copy appeals to me.

What about my blog readers? Does book marketing work for you and if so, what kind?


Anonymous said...

-- Marketing ... hmmm. Can't tell you what works for the rest of the world; I can only tell you what does & does not work for me.
-- Here's how I go about buying books:
-- I want to identify books that match what I'm in the mood for, usually humorous in tenor, although not exclusively. A lot of times the cover art & the text font on the spine will help draw me to the humorous stuff. So I find that to be helpful. Sometimes if I'm just scanning spines, the actual title will be helpful too, if it sounds funny or not.
-- Then I read the synopsis on the back cover or the inside front page. If there's no synopsis anywhere, I get annoyed & put the book back. (& I mean synopsis, not just a brief clip of a scene. I need a story outline to determine if I'm going to buy the book.)
-- There are some authors out that that I like in general but I find I don't like all of their books. For those authors, I always decide on the basis of the synopsis.
-- There are some authors that I trust and like so well that I pick up every book they write the second it comes out, sight unseen. On those, I might not even read the synopsis, so the whole book can be a fun adventure.
-- I'm finding that blogs and author websites and internet information is helping me target more books. Based on what some authors I like have said on their blogs, I've gone looking for specific new books to give them a try.
-- I don't read best seller lists and I don't read book reviews (except for the ones at -- & that's because their snark tends to run in tandem with my snark). I don't generally care what book reviewers think, because they can only tell me what *they* enjoyed; they can't honestly predict what *I* will enjoy.
-- I don't really have much interest in book signings. A signature doesn't do much for me, and standing in line for however long and having a 3 sentence conversation just doesn't appeal to me.
-- The only time I'd be likely to go to a book signing was if it was one of my most favorite authors, and only if it was in conjuction with a talk, panel, seminar, whatever ... I'd be going to listen to the talk/presentation. So far, an author/presentation has not occurred in my proximity, so I've never gone.
-- I've really liked the way blogs have taken off ... I get to read small doses of fun writing while waiting for new books to come out, & I've gotten a lot of insight into writing craft and the publishing business.
-- So there you go; long winded, but that's a snapshot of what gets me to buy books.

Pink Pelican

Kelly Parra said...

yay, congrats on the review, Jana! :)

Jana DeLeon said...

Well, Pink, you've pretty much summed up the advertising problem for writers - you method is probably how most people buy books. And there's just no good way to market to that. (sigh)

Thanks, Kelly!!!!

Anonymous said...

And duh ... Congrats on the good review! Regardless of what readers like me like, it's alwys fabulous as an author to have publications tout your work!!!

Sorry to be difficult. If I thought there was a marketing hook that would appeal to me AND result in books that I want to read being published en masse I'd share it in a heartbeat.

Pink Pelican

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL Pink - If you had that marketing secret, I wouldn't give it away - I'd make MILLIONS off of it. :)

And thanks for the congrats!

Jaye Wells said...

Yay! Congrats on the review. Can't wait to read it.

Wendy Roberts said...

What, only 4 1/2 stars?! I would've given it 10 out of 5 LOL. Seriously, well done, Jana *woo hoo!* You know I just LOVE this book. You rock!

Tori Lennox said...

Congrats on the 4 & 1/2 stars!!!

I usually go by word of mouth when buying new-to-me authors. Excerpts usually help my decision, too.

Anonymous said...

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Sassy Sistah said...

Congratulations, Jana! 4 1/2 stars is great! I haven't read "Unlucky" yet (of course) but from all I've heard about it (and based on how much I loved "Rumble") I'd probably rate it higher. I admit to a little prejudice toward the author though! I'm really excited for you!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, Jaye!!!!

Wendy - I don't think they do 5. Isn't that a myth?

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, tori - yes it seems that word of mouth is the winning factor in marketing. And with a mouth this big, you'd think I'd be able to manage larger distribution. :)

LOL sassy - and thanks for the vote of confidence. But a 4 1/2 is a great review since that's technically as high as they get.

God knows, I'm not complaining!

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