Monday, September 17, 2007

Posting Early......or Late

I'm posting early this time - or late, depending on how you want to look at it. I am on an East Coast training so I'm an hour behind (mentally and physically) and my training starts earlier than usual this time, so I'm figuring I'm not gonna want to get up in the morning, so I'm posting Tuesday's post tonight.

So I'm in Greenville, SC and I have to say it has one of the prettiest downtown areas I've ever seen. Huge old trees and a whole mile or so of historic buildings that are all converted into restuarants or shops. It's great for walking, so I walked some this afternoon to find lunch. Had excellent barbeque then went in search of a nail salon. I was sadly in need of a nail fix and will not have any time to do it when I return to Dallas. So I figured if I had to fly out early (it was the only flight available), I might as well do some Jana maintenance. So I found a nail salon and had a manicure, fill, pedicure and an eyebrow wax. If only they could have filed my 2006 tax return, I could have caught up with everything right in that one spot. Ha.....but it sounded good, right?

So as I was perusing downtown, I kept scouting for a restuarant. I usually stay at Hampton Inns and they have the continental breakfast and all, but sometimes it's all about custom cooked eggs. And I figured since they have this fabulous shopping/eating area, there's bound to be breakfast, right?

Apparently not.

I never spotted anything and the hotel clerks confirmed my suspicions. Even worse, there was one restuarant that teased me momentarily until I looked at the hours of operation. And get this - it's called the ________ Cafe.


Did anyone tell the good people of Greenville that cafe means coffee, which to me means breakfast????? But nooooooooooo, they don't open until lunch. So I am confused. I thought places that served lunch only were tearooms and places that served breakfast were cafes. Places that served all day (or lunch/dinner) were restuarants and places that served 24/7 were the Waffle House.

Did I miss something?


Tori Lennox said...

How annoying. I never thought about cafes being open (or not) for breakfast. You have a good point.

Jana DeLeon said...

hi tori - I have yet to find a breakfast place down here. It's very weird. But I guess I'll be heading home tomorrow, so it doesn't matter anyway. :)

Carrie said...

Hey! I'm from Greenville! How funny that's where you ended up :) They've done tons of work to the downtown -- so much nicer than when I was growing up -- I even worked for a while in an old renovated cigar warehouse (the Legg Mason building right across from the Poinsett hotel). And this time of year I'm sure it's great down there...

-Carrie (now living in Charlotte)

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Carrie - It was very nice downtown. And I loved that they left all the big old trees. It made walking down the sidewalks almost like strolling in a park. Very cool!

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