Friday, September 07, 2007

Mega Busy

I'm mega busy today, so this is just a short blurb to tell you all that Barbara Vey, a Publisher's Weekly blogger, has blogged about UNLUCKY today. Hop on over and check it out! I'm always mega-geeked when people love my books and Barbara is a super-cool lady that I've had the absolute pleasure of hanging with at two conferences this year. Be sure and post - we want to make sure Barbara is around for a long time.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Tori Lennox said...

I'm so looking forward to this book!!!

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, tori - me too! :)

Anonymous said...

Jana, when you want me to hop over to another internet site, I need more specific information. I couldn't find KILLER FICTION before you put a link for me to click on. Typing in "KILLER FICTION" got me a bunch of other web sites, not the one I was trying to find,(mostly people selling books).
I don't know whether to hunt under her name or Publisher's Weekly.
I am also looking forward to reading UNLUCKY, and hoping for your continued success as a published writer. Best wishes, Helen Dagley

Anonymous said...

I may have found it. I "googled" Barbara Vey, up popped a Publishers' Weekley website, typed in "Unlucky", clicked on book revews, and found a sentence or two saying she was reading your book and that it would be out 10/30.
I actually took a class to improve my computer skills, since I am an old foggie and grew up with manual typewriters and real ink pens, as opposed to ball points. I didn't get a lot out of the class because most of the computers were on the blink, and the instructor spent most of the class time trying to get the computers to work. Mine actually caught on fire! (This happened at North Lake College, Irving,Texas. I wrote a letter, asking for my money back, but never heard from the registrar.) I guess you could say I was UNKUCKY!

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Helen - Anytime I tell people to "hop over" or mention "blog" or "website" those key words themselves are links. If you hover over them with your mouse they will change colors or develop an underline or something that makes them look different. That's how you know it's a hyperlink. Just click on the different text and it will launch you straight to the right location. :)

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