Monday, July 02, 2007

A Trip, A Tour, Another Monday

Good morning, everyone. I'm hailing to you from Newark, NJ today. Yes, you heard me - someone actually wanted training on a holiday week. Please say prayers that I actually get home tomorrow night or things will not be happy at the DeLeon home - or quite frankly, in NJ, if I'm stuck here. Of course, my plane was late getting to DFW yesterday and we loaded about 30 minutes late. Then no sooner did we get all situated that one of those Dallas rain storms came up. So we got to sit on the plane at the gate for two hours. Fun. Once again - thank God for first class upgrades. I got some necessary work done on my proposal.

Most of you have seen my gorgeous new website....the redesign was definitely something I wanted to do......changing web hosting was something I had to do. Apparently, all my email was not coming through to my old service and the "support" there was less than responsive. So, during the last two weeks, I missed touring two girlfriends.

So today, is officially Megan Crane Tour Day Observed!

Megan Crane is a New Jersey native who graduated from Vassar and got her MA and PhD in literature from the University of York in England. She is the author of Everyone Else’s Girl and English as a Second Language. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Her latest release, FRENEMIES, sounds so fun (and I have to admit, I've already bought and downloaded it on my Sony reader). Check it out!

Megan Crane, the successful author of Everyone Else’s Girl and English as a Second Language brings us a hilarious novel about growing up and realizing that your worst enemy – and best bud – just might be yourself.

Just a few months shy of her 30th birthday, Gus discovers Nate, her "Mr. Right," hooking up behind her back with her so-called "friend" Helen. Soon it seems despite working to hard to appear all grown up, Gus is still living the life of a teenager.

Gus is left with more questions than answers: Can she win Nate back before she turns 30 (And if so, does she really want him?) Is Helen really as devious and manipulative as she seems, or, worse, is Gus more like her frenemy Helen than she’d care to admit? And is she ever going to grow up? With the clock ticking down to her birthday, Gus discovers that sometimes the best thing about best-laid plans is trashing them altogether.

Here's some praise for FRENEMIES (and oh my God, a quote from Marion Keyes!)

“Jam-packed with hilarious one-liners and amusing scenarios, this is a quick, albeit very satisfying, read.”
—Romantic Times BOOKClub Magazine

"FRENEMIES is a hugely enjoyable novel with brilliant, convincing characters and dialogue.
It's romantic, funny, intelligent, believable, and gripping. I couldn't put it down
and am now very sorry it's finished!"
— Marian Keyes, international bestselling author of Angels and Last Chance Saloon

Please visit Megan at her website, her blog, or just buy the book!!!!!

Have a great Monday!

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Tammy said...

OMG Jana, are you a Marian Keyes fan? I am such a HUGE fan of hers. Have we talked about this yet?

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