Monday, July 30, 2007

Back on the Road

Sorry, guys, but I didn't get a picture of the kitty before I left. I'll see if my husband has time to take one this week and send it to me. Because you know I'm not at home again. That's right - back on the road. This trip is banner fun. I left my house at 8:30am yesterday and arrived at Providence, RI at 5:30 pm. Apparently no one wants to fly direct to Providence so I got to take two commuter planes and they fly SLOW. They are also small, narrow and uncomfortable. Imagine a movie theatre seat and take about four inches off of it across. That's what I spent 7 hours in yesterday. My back is not happy. My hiney is not happy.

And despite my days off and trying to sleep myself to death, I am still not caught up. I fell asleep last night around 9:30 (which is 8:30 to me) and still barely crawled out of bed this morning. I'm beginning to think it might take a month before I ever catch up. And that would have to be a month without traveling.

Oh well, on to the question of the day. Sometimes I toy with the idea of writing something other than humorous contemporary. Of course, I would have to fit it in between somewhere but no matter what, if you write two different genres, or for two different publishers, there would have to be times when you end up working on two rough drafts at once. So have any of you done this????? If so, are you plotter or pansters? I can see plotters being able to make this happen by virtue of having the book mapped ahead of time, but as a panster, I'm wondering how I could let me creative mind go in two different direction when sometimes one is hard enough.

So, anyone????? Have you tried this and how did it work out for you?


Wendy Roberts said...

Jana, I know people who've done it but it's not something I've tried.

Wishing you a healed back and hiney! :)

Tori Lennox said...

I am so not a plotter.

Jana DeLeon said...

hi Wendy - yeah, I know. I haven't tried it either, but I know with my schedule that's the only way I could ever write more than one genre.

tori - Me EITHER!

Kimber An said...

Hope your back feels better! I know that kind of pain.

Interesting question.

I'm a 'panster,' if you mean writing by the seat of my pants. My stories dump on me from out of the sky. Lots of fun, but then making it comprehensible to other human beings is lots of work. I can handle working on three rough drafts at once. Once I move into the Weed & Polish, I can only do one at a time. I'm too easily distracted otherwise. For me, it's all about learning to revise efficiently.

Jana DeLeon said...

kimber - it's interesting that you find writing the rough easier for multiples but not the editing. I would think it's the opposite, but I guess that really depends on how "rough" the first draft was, so now I can see where that would be the case. Especially since my "rough" draft is exactly that too.

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