Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday at Conference

Today is Saturday, right????? Okay, then what the heck did I do Friday?

Worked on galleys, I remember that part. Went to a workshop on visualization by my absolute favorite author Stephanie Bond. Had the Dorchester dinner last night. They always do a fabulous job with our dinners. It's always a cool, fun restaurant with great food and service and everyone has a blast. After that went with some friend up the tower ball (it's one of those revolving restaurant/bar things) and had champagne. Then changed clothes and went back to the bar to visit with more friends.

Finally went to the room sometime around 1:00, maybe. Got up this morning for breakfast - barely. And am trying to ready myself for another day.

So sorry this post is short and not as informative, but I am dragging butt - and for those of you who know me - that's a lot of baggage. :)

More tomorrow!

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