Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday of Conference

Thursday of conference began with another expensive/non-tasty breakfast. But I met some people at the restaurant since we opted to share a table to get food (mostly coffee) faster. Also sharing the table was fellow Dorchester author, Lois Winston, and an author I've read but hadn't met before, Caridad Pineiro. After breakfast, I tried to get a bit of work on galleys and managed a whole chapter - I'm not exactly tearing them up here.

Lunch was RWA hosted and the guest speaker was Lisa Kleypas who was fab. She was so funny and so right about romance writers and the way we're perceived by the non-romance reading populas. I would love to have a script of her speech. Hmmmm, wonder if I can get one somewhere.

After lunch, I hung out with some of my friends and fellow DARA members then headed off to drinks with my agent at 3:30. Did not get much accomplished at our meeting because people have absolutely no manners. Here's a piece of advice for conference goers. If you see two people sitting a bit apart from others, even at a crowded bar, and one of them has on a name badge that says "Editor" or "Agent" they are having a meeting with a client. Do NOT speak to them. If you are looking to make an impression on said editor/agent, you just did, but it wasn't the one you wanted to make. I know some people don't realize this is the case, but people really need to exercise a bit more common sense. So we discussed absolutely nothing of value due to interruptions or people just hanging over my shoulder because they wanted to get in the conversation - and I do mean literally - I could feel them breathing.

My dinner with my editor, Leah Hultenschmidt, was soooooooo much nicer. Why, you ask. Well, for one - we left the hotel. We went down to the West End and ate at a place called Gators (which was very appropriate for a meeting with me), and Leah got to eat some fried alligator, which she liked. We had a great discussion about writing, my next proposal, marketing, books we read, movies we love and a host of other things. She is so much fun to talk to and the time just flew.

Back at the hotel, I headed to Moonlight Madness (which is a trade show of goodies) and picked up a T-shirt that has a cute quip about being a writer. I figure I'll wear it in airports and stir up more business. Then I ran into friends and headed to the bar. Ended up meeting with new Dorchester author and Nelson Agency client, Leslie Langtry, and her husband and had a blast. Leslie's debut is just about to release and she's one of the mystery/hybrid girls. Her first is called 'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy, and is going to be great fun! Kathleen Bacus, who writes the Calamity Jayne series for Dorchester also joined us for a while and we had a great chat.

Finally had to call it quits around 12:30 and went back to the room to crash. I said I was going to sleep late today and by God, I managed 7:00! Cindy is still snoring. :)

More tomorrow!


Tori Lennox said...

I've come to the conclusion the majority of the population are either a) clueless, or b), just plain rude.

But I must say Dorchester sounds like it's got some faboo authors/books! They sound like a lot of fun. :)

So what does fried gator taste like?

Anonymous said...

Jana, the book signing Wednesday night was great. I am glad that we got to meet Kristin, Leah and Colleen. Now they all have faces:)
Tell Cindy that it was nice to see her again also. Have a great time. Mom

Jana DeLeon said...

tori - alligator kinda tastes like a combo of chicken and fish. It's great!

Hi Mom! I'm so glad you enjoyed the signing. It's very cool to see such a big event. I will tell Cindy as soon as I see her again. We are "runned ragged."

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