Friday, July 06, 2007

A Very Early Start to Friday

In case you needed to know, there is really nothing on television at 3:30 in the morning if you happen to be unable to sleep. There's a couple of interesting titles - The Secret of Motionless Exercise makes one pause, but since I'm pretty much always motionless except for the fingers, I'm betting this isn't a weight loss plan. If you're up for a sporting event, there's the World Series of Poker 2006 or Catch Bigger Fish. There's any number of 20 year old movies, that weren't even that good 20 years ago, so I finally settled on the weather mainly because after that I can watch Divorce Court.

The weatherman is stating (to whom, I have no idea) that we really can't handle any more rain. Does he think God has nothing to do at 3:45 am and is listening to his broadcast? Good Lord, did yall realize we have a lake that has risen 32 feet since December? An even better question (since said lake is now 19 feet over limit) is why the hell the city of Plano, where I live, still has us on water rationing. I'm pretty sure there's plenty to go around. I'm pretty sure most of us are so sick of rain we could scream. I'm definitely tired of the flight delays caused by the rain.

So since I'm up anyway, I thought I'd get a round of opinions - you've all noticed my redesign on my blog/website, so I have a question for going forward: What keeps you coming back to an author's website? Is it contests, news, games, photos of naked men?????? Website traffic tends to be one of those things that publicity people push as all important, but honestly, what can one do on their website exactly to create that much traffic - mind you, what I am really asking is what can someone who already works two full time jobs and has a family and needs clean underwear do on their website to create more traffic?

Any ideas? What websites do you visit on a semi-regular basis and why?


Jaye Wells said...

You know I visit blogs more than actual web sites. When I go to the web sites it's usually for message boards, a la The Cherries, or to read FAQs or writing articles. But I'm not the average reader since I mostly lurk on writer sites looking for writing advice and to learn about how they write.

Tori Lennox said...

Like Jaye, I tend to visit blogs more than regular websites these days. But I do like to read writing tips. Contests are always a good draw, too. Booksigning tour schedules. Not that anyone ever comes to my area, but still. *g*

And I've always found that stuff I wouldn't watch during the day or evening always seem more interesting in the middle of the night. LOL!

I can't believe you're still on water rationing! What idiots in the city government!

Jaye Wells said...

We're on water rationing (Jana and I live in the same neighborhood), but it's not like we need to water. My yard is a mosquito-infested swamp--almost like a bayou come to think of it.

Jana DeLeon said...

Hey Jaye - the water rationing is off! If you're up at 3:00 am, you have time to check on these things. :)

Thanks for your input, guys. I think I'm with both of you. I rarely visit an author's site unless they are new to me and I want to know more. Otherwise, I am strictly a blog girl myself.

Sassy Sistah said...

Hey Jana! Haven't forgotten you - just haven't spent too much time on the computer (at home) lately. And God knows, there's no time at work to read blogs.

Anyway, I mostly read blogs too and my favorites are those that give me a real glimpse inside a person's life. I don't care much about a blogger's opinion on politics or current events or Paris Hilton. I just don't care for opinion type blogs.

A good blog doesn't have to be fascinating or funny - although the truly funny ones are always a plus. And I like to read the blogs of writers I admire - like you. I love the writing tips and the book reviews too. But mostly, I'm just nosey and love to read about other people's lives. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks, Sassy! And I knew you hadn't forgotten me - I figured the new job has been keeping you busy, but I hope it's going well.

I think the blogs are really the key. I guess I just need the information on my website to reflect everything current about books, releases, signing, etc and not worry much about it beyond that. I suspose most people go there the first time to see what other books you have out or coming and to check out a bio to learn a little about you. That's probably the extent of it. :)

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