Friday, December 15, 2006

New Blog Look

So did you notice - I got a new blog look! I updated to beta blogger and it allowed me all sorts of fun color changing. So you know I had to hit the turquoise right away. :)

Now that the color coding part of the blog is covered, let's move on to Friday blog business:

My friend, Jaye, sometimes blogs interesting snips of conversation that she hears in public places. I haven’t tried it before, but this morning after I’d finished my pages and received my breakfast, I decided to open my ears and see what my fellow cafĂ© dwellers were talking about. Here’s my top comments of the morning:

“She was talking so loud that I turned around in my seat and gave her the answer to her question and she says ‘are you listening in on my call’ and I said ‘the pilots are listening in on your call.’”

“She went and invited my kids to the house on Saturday. I’m already having dinner with them on Sunday. I don’t want to see them that often.”

“I’d like to have three million in the bank before I retire but I’d have to keep working to do it.”

And the grand prize winner:

“He’s been in jail on a drunk-driving conviction. He gets out of Friday and we’re having a party for him. I have to rent the margarita machine.”

Have a great weekend!


Tori Lennox said...

ROFL! Love the conversation snippets. I need to get out more so I can eavesdrop on people. *g*

Kimber An said...

Funny, but also quite scarey!

Jaye said...

I like the new look. I tried to switch to the new version, but it said my blog was too big. Probably for the best since I'm sure I'd screw up the conversion some how.

The last quote was hilarious.

Colleen Gleason said...

Nice bright blog, Jana!

The fonts are a little big, though, especially on the right might want to make them smaller so they're easier to read.

And LOL on the renting of the margarita machine for the DUI guy, but I think my favorite one is "...the PILOTS can hear you!"

Kristin B said...

1. Like the new look. =)

2. Regarding the "Overheard at Breakfast": People scare me sometimes.(Ever read You would like it.)

3. Was looking back through the archives, and I saw the post where you mentioned a "reviewer" complaining about people who drive Honda Accords. My second car was an Accord, and it got me through college and two years afterward. I did not, at any point during those years, have a stick up my ass.

I do now, however, regarding people who think Accord drivers have sticks up their asses.

To that person, I say, if someone judges someone based on their car, fictional or not, then perhaps THEY need to visit the proctologist.

Have a good weekend. =)

Jana DeLeon said...

tori & kimber - eavesdropping can be both entertaining and frightening!

Jaye - yeah, I guess I haven't gotten big enough to change, but it makes me wonder if you get kicked off after you get too big????

Colleen - I'd LOVE to change the fonts on the right hand side. And if you'd just tell me how, I'd get right on it. :) Remember, your buddy is html challenged.

kristin - I'll have to check out that blog. It sounds interesting. As for the Honda Accord, it was actually the heroine in my book who accused the hero of having a stick up his ass for driving a Honda Accord. The heroine is from deep bayou south Louisiana and the hero is a Yankee. She's ribbing him for not driving American. But someone who read the book found this one line so offensive, they stopped reading. That's why I laughed. I don't even drive American cars.

Sassy Sistah said...

Love the conversation snippets!

Just thought you'd like to know that B&N in Cary, NC has Rumble shelved in both "Fiction and Literature" and in the Mystery section! And they are front-out in both places! I bought two more copies for gifts - that left only five in the Literature section! I hope the book is selling great everywhere! (I'm still your biggest fan!)

Sandy in NC

Wendy Roberts said...

Great snippets! I'd love to see a pic of your writing cafe :)

Jana DeLeon said...

WOW Sandy - There were 7 copies in Fiction PLUS copies in Mystery! I am blown away. And I hope it's selling well everywhere too! Thanks so much for the update and for spreading RUMBLE as gifts.

Wendy - A picture would be great, but then I'd have to find my camera and take a picture, then find the attachment to get the picture on my computer, then download it and attach it.....and damn, I'm just exhuasted writing about. I soooo get burnt out on technology. But I'll try to remember to do it sometime. BTW - I finally remembered to blogroll you! :)

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