Friday, December 22, 2006

Flying Out of Winter Wonderland (Hopefully)

Well, today's the official day that I'm supposed to leave Denver. I hope all the crossed fingers, prayers and well-wishes have made it to God and American Airlines.

The weather here is much better. The blizzard stopped mid-morning yesterday and although it continued to snow until late afternoon, there was no wind and the snow was light compared to before. I went out right after lunch and dug out my rental car. I figured it would save me some time this morning plus I wanted to make sure it would start. It took my about 2 hours to get all the snow far enough away to be able to back out. I am soooooooo not in any shape to shovel for two hours. And don't forget the altitude. The altitude is killing me.

After I dried off my clothes with the blow dryer I was going to rest for a while but then I looked out the window and saw a bunch of people walking up the main road. I decided I had to have better food, so I put on my clothes again and went in search of anything non-healthy. There was a regular grocery store about a half-mile up the road. I got a chicken pot pie, chicken wings and some cheese and crackers. Oh, and God forbid - I'd finished my last book (horrors) so I picked up two more. The real shame of that one is my hotel is right next to a Starbucks and a B&N both of which have been closed. (sigh) So after buying groceries, I began the trek back to the hotel. Did I mention it was uphill on the way back? Did I mention the altitude?

Needless to say, when I got back to the room I heated up chicken wings, had some real food then collapsed in bed and took a nap.

The news coming from the airport is that they will open at noon today. I know they are low on clear runways and have no idea what that will do to the flights scheduled out, but I am still showing an "on time" status for mine so far. I have to leave early for the airport because of road conditions so keep all the good vibes coming that I get there and still have a flight to board. Especially since I have to check out of the hotel. (yikes)

I'll update you during the day if I can and if there's anything to say. I'm really hoping to update you tonight from Dallas!


Kimber An said...

In such situations, I try to remind myself it's better to be left waiting than to be dead on the side of a mountain in the wreckage of a 747. Hope you make it home safe and sound.

Tori Lennox said...

I've still got my fingers crossed and prayers going that you make it home today!

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi kimber & tori - so far so good. I made it to the airport and am at the gate. Had McDonalds for lunch - yeah! My flight has been delayed till 6:00 (so far) but I don't even care as long as I get home today.

Kelly Parra said...

Let us know when you get home, Jana!

Wendy Roberts said...

Hope you made it home, Jana!! Been keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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