Monday, December 04, 2006

The Death of a Forest

What the heck is the deal with the length of store receipts these days?

If I were the mother of a family of eighteen and I left the ranch to visit the grocery store once a month, I could see a receipt a mile long, but c'mon. There are times I literally buy one item - no warranty, no guarantees, just something like a package of gum, and the receipts is the length of my forearm.

Of course, because I am one of those people who HATES people who hold up lines to store their change, receipts, etc, I grab my bag of purchases and purse and start walking towards the exit while trying to fold the receipt up and stuff it in my wallet. It's an exercise akin to trying to stuff a parachute into a shoe. In fact, the thought crossed my mind that if I taped them end to end, they'd make a handy garnish to my Christmas tree and one heck of a roll of toilet paper.

So this is my vendor plea - Please, PLEASE go back to a simple receipt. I want only what I need on my receipt - store name, date, time, items purchases, sales tax, total. Please leave off any of the following: "Thank you for visiting," "please shop again," Contests, Surveys, the date of your next sale, the date of your last sale, a list of your board of directors, or locations of your store in Indonesia or Panama.

If receipts continue to grow, I will have to get a bigger wallet. If I have to get a bigger wallet, I'll have to get a bigger purse. At the rate we're going, pretty soon we'll all be pulling carryon luggage to haul around our receipts.


Tori Lennox said...

LOL! You have a seriously good point! And just think, if you have to buy a bigger wallet and a bigger purse, your receipt will be even bigger, too! *g*

Colleen Gleason said...

Ha ha, Jana! You are so right! Those extra coupons and stuff...ugh.

Thanks for the chuckle.

Buffy said...

I hate receipts. Much rather burn them at the till than bring them home.

Unfortunately, I never know what I'm gonna need for my accounts. So I stockpile them in the mess that is my desk.

Jana DeLeon said...

God, Tori, let's not even think of the horror!

Ugh, Collen, the coupons too - sometimes I get a whole seperate printout of them.

Hi Buffy - you sound like me. I keep them all but throw them in a really large shoebox. Then if I need one, I cuss a lot and dig through them all. Basically, I have a new policy of returning nothing - instead I just give things away. It's simpler and stress-free. :)

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