Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

For your holiday enjoyment - fun with animals.


Tori Lennox said...

Merry Christmas, Jana!!!

Your dogs look happy, but your cat looks less than thrilled with her holiday outfit. *g*

Kimber An said...

Such things are beneath the dignity of cats. Why they tolerate us at all, I don't know. Oh, wait, it's the warm house and free food. Merry Christmas!

Cindy Taylor said...

I can't tell which cat that is, but I'm guessing Marie? Only because she's the one I see the most when I'm there. Isn't she? Anyway, she looks like as soon as you shot the picture she tore out of that cute little outfit. *g*

So glad you made it home in time to rest, eat, then enjoy Christmas!


Jana DeLeon said...

Hmmm, Tori - maybe that's the problem - the cat is actually male. Of course, he's more than a bit metrosexual, but still male.

kimber - yes, cats only tolerate us because we have oposable thumbs and can open cans of good stuff. :)

No Cindy, that's Vinnie. Marie is short-haired and usually hiding. Gina looks just like Vinnie but 12 pounds lighter, and that's probably who you're seeing. She's not scared of anything - not even the vaccuum cleaner.

Cindy Taylor said...

I'll never be able to tell them apart. Send Vinnie my apologies, will ya?

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