Thursday, December 21, 2006

Let It Snow, Let It Snow......

Still here in Denver - in the same hotel - in the same room - wishing I were anywhere else. The situation has only gotten worse, with the Gov declaring a state of emergency and calling in the National Gaurd. I figure for a place that used to lots of snow, that's probably not a good sign. Here's the latest news story, if you're interested.

Do you ever notice how being couped up is completely paralyzing if you have no other options? I mean, if I had taken a writer's weekend and locked myself in a hotel room to work that would be fine, but being held hostage in one by Mother Nature isn't ranking high on my list of favorite things. I don't know how my Alaskan friends do it (or Canada, for that matter)

The blizzard is due to run through noon today then light snow until 5:00 pm. I hope to God they get everything cleared enough for flights to leave Friday because apparently there's another blizzard on the way for Saturday. Looks like Friday might be the only window of opportunity to get out.

In addition to the couped up issue (and the fact that I've watched more television in the past day than in the past year - and I'm really not into television), there are a couple of other problems.

One - there is no way to get my car out of the parking lot and even if I could, it wouldn't go anywhere. It's not exactly made for this weather, which leads to problem Two.

Two - this is not a hotel with a restaurant. They have a mini-store in the lobby, so I snagged some microwave dinners as soon as I checked back in yesterday. I'm glad I did since they're all gone now. Of course, I know that this big butt is not going to live on a couple of Lean Cuisine until Friday so I ask about where I might walk to buy groceries. I am told there is a grocery store across the street, so I go walking across the street in the blizzard in search of food, feeling like a bad horror movie heroine. Now, I did not exactly pack for a blizzard - hell, I don't even own blizzard clothes. What would I do with them in Texas. So "walking" is a bit of a stretch for how I actually got across the street in my tennis shoes, thin sweats and jacket. The snow was already too deep to tell where the road was, so I of course, plunged off a curb. I didn't fall, but my knee and my shoulder are feeling it. Then I get to the grocery store and decide that I have done something to offend God - the only food supply happens to be an organic health food grocery store. I bought organic peanut butter and a loaf of bread and wonder why I bothered to go out in that mess. I'd almost rather starve. The most fattening thing I could find was Power Bars and I bought three. Back at the room, I start feeling hot and think "Oh God, you do not have time to get sick." I go into the bathroom and realize, I'm windburn! It looks like I've been sunning by my pool all day.

Three - (and this is probably more information than you ever wanted) I only brought one spare pair of underwear. Looks like I'm going home commando on Friday.

This afternoon I get to dig my car out of the parking lot in the hopes that I get to go to the airport tomorrow.


Kimber An said...

Normally in Alaska, nothing shuts down for snow. We just plow, kick in the 4X4, slap chains on the tires, hook the dogs up to the sled, whatever, and go on with our business. We usually have a good chuckle about you Lower 48ers whining about snow. Wimps. (I mean that in good humor.) But, in your case, Jana, we make an exception. Sometimes, Colorado and Minnisota are actually worse than Alaska, believe it or not! Hang in there, Girlfriend. This, too, shall pass.

Jana DeLeon said...

I understand the exception rule - I wouldn't expect you to handle a hurrican all that well. :) Texans just aren't prepared for blizzards. Although, I must say, my car at home is a crossover SUV AND is all wheel drive. I'd give anything to have it here with me. (sigh)

The idea of sleigh dogs is really, really fun! Post a picture sometime on your blog. I'd love to see one!

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* Jana! Mother Nature really wanted to prove her point about this being the first day of Winter, didn't she?

I've got my fingers tightly crossed that you can escape tomorrow.

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks for the crossed fingers, Tori! I've got everything crossed too. The reality is, if I can't get out of here Friday, I'm stuck here until next week. (sigh)

Kelly Parra said...

Oh Jana, I read the article--this is awful! Have you kept touch with K?? Just be careful and I'm hoping your flight stays open on Friday!

Cindy Taylor said...

LOL, Jana. The health food store is a real kick in the butt. I'm so sorry.

Are you at least getting ANY writing done?? You think God is telling you to rest and relax? Maybe, since you have had time to listen, he's forceing you.

Trying really hard to wipe the grin off my face. In a way, I'm envious. Then again, health food and lack of undies sounds horrible.


Kimber An said...

Hurricanes, fire ants, sharks, alligators, we big, tough Alaskans don't like to talk about how those things scare the living daylights out of us.

Cari Manderscheid said...

Unbelievable, Jana! I've never seen that much snow either! I wish you'd brought your camera so you could take a picture for us! There definitely won't be any snow like that in Texas between now and Christmas, so at least now you can say you've had a white Christmas! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get home on Friday. Best of luck!!!

Elle Fredrix said...

Hi Jana, I just discovered your blog. So sorry to that you're stranded. Welcome to global warming. Here in Toronto it's like spring time.

Hope you get home safe!

Sassy Sistah said...

Oh NO! I heard about the snowstorm in Denver and thought of you! I came over here to check and find out you're snowed in and stranded! And with nothing good to eat or drink! Horrible! Just horrible! Not fair at all! You poor thing.

Hope so much you can get a flight out tomorrow, Jana. Keeping my fingers crossed! I'm thinking of you...

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Kelly – No I haven’t kept in touch with K but she’s downtown which might as well be California in this weather.  Thanks for all the well-wishes!

Cindy – Not very much writing done at all. The heat in the hotel is killing my sinuses and I can only look at the screen for so long without it killing me. Plus, I find it hard to work concentrate when I feel like I’m held captive and still don’t know that I’ll be able to get home by Christmas.

Kimber – Fire ants are definitely something worth being scared of. I hate them!

Cari – I do have my disposable camera and took some shots in the parking lot this morning so I could show everyone how deep the snow was compared to the cars. If I ever get home I’ll have them developed and try to post them on my blog. Thanks for the good luck!

Hi elle – I’m glad you found my blog. I wish it were under more positive or interesting circumstances.  Please come back and visit again and send me some of that Toronto weather.

Hi sassy – thanks so much for the well-wishes! I really appreciate the support and the crossed fingers. Hopefully with all my friends sending me such good karma, I’ll get out of here tomorrow.

I’ll let everyone know something as soon as I do!

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