Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th and Other Things

Hope everyone had a happy fourth of July! I had a nice day off and am rearing to go back to work tomorrow. I know, I know, most people are like - what? She wants to go to work?

But I truly love my new job and the people and the product and well, everything. There's also that small issue of doing my first training class on the 19th of this month and so far, I've actually seen the software for 3 days. But it's all good and I can't wait to get going.

First trip up is Indianapolis - about three weeks short for the Formula 1 hoopla (bummer), but Schumey won and that's all that matters. Go Ferrari!

I was mulling over the multiple lines/publisher issue the other day with one of my cp's and wanted to see what others had to say. It's a generally accepted fact that it is prudent in the writing industry to write more than one genre and/or for more than one publisher. And believe me, I'd love to comply. You'll find it tough to dig up anyone more well versed on diversification and cash flow than a former CFO. The problem is - what to write.

I don't really have any one other thing calling me. I sort of wanted to do chick lit mystery - and even have a finished rough draft that I really love, but with chick lit in the toilet, do I really want to go that direction until the dust settles? And it's not like romantic comedy was the easiest break in to begin with - do I really want to go and press the envelope on another genre with the door shut solid? So then I think, what about romantic suspense - again, the jaws of life couldn't pry open that door either.

And I'm sooooooo not one for chasing the market. Don't get me wrong - there's a YA that's been lurking in the back of my mind, but can I really do a whole book for children when I don't have them and am not even around them very often (and rarely by choice). Erotica is hot right now (literally) but I cringe just thinking about it. Every single person involved with making Rumble perfect had the same thing to say: "more sex." I lengthed (so to speak) my sex scenes in that book for literally even step of the process - cp's, agent, editor - nope, hot and steamy is definitely not my strong suit. It got that way eventually, but with a major amount of effort and a lot of people begging for more. :)

Paranormal is really cool - I like paranormal. Not the other world building sort of paranormal, and I'm not really a vampire or werewolf kind of girl - but I LOVE a good ghost story. Give me a good B horror movie and a tub of popcorn and heaven is near.

I love to read category - it's relaxing and comfortable and completely takes the stress out of the reading experience as I know exactly what I'm getting depending on the line I pick up. But I'm afraid I don't really have a category voice. My conflict is too big, my plots too intricate, and there's always the problem of dead people turning up. So far, no one's been able to talk to them, but if I decide to run that whole paranormal angle, I guess anything's possible.

So what about you? Do you have a secondary writing genre? And if so, how did you decide? Or was it just a matter of knowing that's what you had to do like the first genre was?


Shah of Blah said...

I have no genre ..i would'nt want one .... -soulful, literary and worthy of a reader- thats how i would want my work refered to as..

Down here in India....i think most of the fiction belongs to one genre, they are all clubbed under "Indian literature"

I would love to break that too... how about a genre like "Beautiful" ? thats where i wanna belong

Kelly Parra said...

Well, I started writing YA as my other genre because I thought I might be able to write it. I began the idea before I finished my RS and took an on-line class by Nichole B. I had a paranormal idea, but I never finished it because I was determined to finish the RS, then after I did finish the RS and started querying agents, I began a new higher concept YA idea.

When I finally signed with my agent, I told her about the YA. At the time, she wasn't much into selling YA, but said she'd try the occassional YA work. Then YA started taking off and that changed. *g* Months and months dragged on with the RS submission, and I worked and reworked the YA partial. I had it my head that the RS might not sell so maybe my calling would be YA. Finally after the RS sold we went out witht the YA, then after Rs, I thought the YA wouldn't sell. Then it did. Whew, I think I'll make this a blog entry. Thanks, Jana! =D

Diana Peterfreund said...

Well, as you know, Secret Society Girl is so far the only manuscript i've written in the funny-chick-lit-snarky-romantic-intriguing-coming-of-age genre. My other manuscripts were at their best when they butted up against the developing voice that is allowed to go full throttle in SSG.

So the question is, what other genre is good for that voice>? It's the same question you're having, I think.

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi shah - beautiful would be a wonderful description of some author's work, but probably not mine. I would just say "entertaining" for my own.

Kelly - that would be a great topic for a blog. And what a ride, huh? But hey, it all worked out in the end - two sales - two genres - two publishers. Can't get any better than that.

Jana DeLeon said...

Diana - when you figure it out, please let me know. I think your voice would be wonderful in chick lit, though. But I understand if you have market fears. I wouldn't if I were you. You have a great launching platform with SSG. Just take it a little older. Also, you could do romantic comedy if you bend in more romance - and I KNOW you can write romace. :)

Diana Peterfreund said...

Oh, well, I'm already counting Secret Society Girl as chick lit. What do you think it is? I think it's chick lit.

Jana DeLeon said...

I think it's chick lit too although I hear a lot of referring to it as YA. Maybe because it's college?

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