Monday, July 17, 2006

Busy Weekend

This was a ridiculously busy weekend! Check out this list of things I did:

Moved a garage half full of stuff (mostly heavy stuff) from one garage to another (but I think we finally sold our other house - yea!)

Moved/unpacked boxes that filled half a dining room to make room for furniture delivery
Rearranged living room furniture for furniture delivery

Took delivery of bar hutch and poker table

Put together six executive leather chairs for poker table

Bought and assembled wrought iron bed for guest room

Put together wall unit DVD bookcase in guest room - moved 500+ DVD's from office to guest room

Rearranged 1000+ books in office now that I had more space

Answered questionnaire from library distributor who is considering me for the author profile in their October catalog

Completed customized billing statement programming for previous employer

Created ad for Romance Sells advertisement

Put in approximately six hours on new website - I think it may launch this month!

Watched Formula 1 race - Go Schumey!

Watched Moto GP race - Go Rossi!

Dealt with issues on sale of old house

Did dishes

Exhausting, right? Mind you, this was all done in Texas - where our temperature is currently hovering around 104 with 60% relative humidity and not even a breath of air stirring at all. It is dead, hot, stale here.

And like that's not bad enough, guess whose air conditioner stopped cooling last night around 11:00???????

Let's hope that can be fixed today or I'm going to be sneaking three dogs and three cats into a hotel room. Yeah, like that's do-able.

More tomorrow when I have time and am not so hot.


Colleen Gleason said...

OMG, and your A/C's on the fritz?? You poor gal!

Good luck getting the menagerie into a hotel room. It's not so hard to get them in--it's the keeping them quiet that tested us!


Jana DeLeon said...

I think we're going the stand-alone AC unit route. It is probably the same cost as a hotel and at least we have it for future use if this ever happens again. And since this is the second problem already this year, I figure it's very likely to happen again. You don't even want to know what my utility bill for last month was.

Kelly Parra said...

Ugh, you are one busy lady! Sorry about he a/c! My brother lives in TX and tells me about the heat all the time. I'm wondering if I'll be able to make the RWA in 2007 and how hot it will be then.

And I envy you your office! =D

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Kelly - rest assured, it will be hot as hell in Texas. I simply don't understand why RWA doesn't either change the date of National to sometime in the year with better weather or hold the danged conference in North Dakota. :)

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