Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day #2 in Atlanta

It's day 2 in Atlanta and blogger STILL isn't loading photos. So I sucked it up and spent the time to find a photo storage place so I could share.

So away we go on photo tour. Sorry for the whole link thing - blame Blogger!

Here's the view from our hotel room.

The MARTA escalator from hell that I talked about yesterday. We braved it again today for another day of urban experience on the rail system. (we didn't get on the wrong train even once!)

Here's me and Cindy at World of Coke. I'm in the brown. Cindy is the pink.

Now I'm having a snack sort of lunch because we are headed for early registration at 1:00 and I am having lunch with my two buds Colleen Gleason & Diana Peterfreund at 2:30. I haven't seen Diana in a year and Colleen in two, so we have tons to talk about and celebrate. Diana's launch of her debut novel was last week and Colleen and I both sold last year after National. Do I hear a champaigne bottle in our future?????


Kelly Parra said...

Oh Jana, thank you for the photos! I wish I was there with you guys. My first experience at Nationals was awesome and I want to do it again. =D

So gald you're sharing with us!

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Kelly!!! I met your cp, Diana, last night and she is so lovely! I am having a great time and really, really wish you were here! Start saving for next year now. :)

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