Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Day #2 (continued)

Day 2 finished up fabulously! I met my great friends Diana Peterfreund and Colleen Gleason for late lunch. We had awesome seafood, champagne and incredible desserts. This is a picture of us with the champagne about to toast Wendy & Elly (the two non-Bombs who couldn't make conference), my sale, Colleen's sale and Diana's launch last week. It was a great time. We were there for about three hours gabbing and catching up and eating, did I mention the food? We had the works and shared everything for a sampling. Atlanta is definitely going all right in the seafood department (says the girl from Louisiana - so that does carry some weight!) Check out the desserts.

Notice Colleen's t-shirt in the dessert picture? That's an advertisement for her debut novel coming January 2nd. Check out the back - it is way cool!

After hours at lunch, we headed back for the hotel for our next appointments - well, Colleen and Diana had appointments. :) I ran into Cindy in the lobby and we ran into my incredible agent, Kristin, shortly after. Which, of course, resulted in drinks in the bar. Then when Kristin had to leave Cindy and I ran into Colleen again and met her best buds Tammy, Holly and Kelly. (I hope the spelling is right, guys - I gave you all a "y") :) They were all a lot of fun and we sat around drinking till almost midnight!

The only patch of uhoh all day was at registration when I didn't get my pink ribbon in my name tag kit. For those of you unfamiliar with RWA conference, the pink ribbons says and denotes a "First Sale" and is the primary reason debut authors pay a lot of money. There could have been a throw-down over this one, but it was easily solved by me showing proof of my sale (I brought cover flats) and the women at registration finding the box of pink ribbons. I will get a picture of me wearing the ribbon sometime today and post that later.

Oh well, off for now - must mingle!


Wendy Roberts said...

You gals look like you had soooo much fun! The picture brought tears to my eyes because I sooo wish I could be with y'all. Sending smooches to Atlanta!

Kelly Parra said...

Love the photos of you guys, Jana!

Jana DeLeon said...

Oh Wendy, we soooooooo miss you! Wish you were here and you HAVE to be in Dallas!!!!

Hi Kelly! Glad you like the photos. I hope I keep remembering to take them. I've photo challenged. :)

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