Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Movie Review

I actually have two movies to review, but I'll start with one I saw a week ago. The movie is Knocked Up, and the review is far less than stellar.

Now, I'll go ahead and start with my own prejudice and that is that I couldn't even get beyond the premise of this movie because the woman was stupid. And you all know how I hate stupid women. We are supposed to believe that this hot, Hollywood, entertainment tv reporter has a one-night stand with a total loser - and I'm just talking about the looks part right now. She was so totally and clearly out of his league that girls like that - especially in California - would never have spoken to him, much less taken him home.

So she takes him home and has sex with him and there's this stupid moment where we're supposed to believe that one, he can't get the condom on and two, that in saying "just get on with it" or something to that effect, that she was in fact telling him not to wear one. Then we are further supposed to believe that she couldn't tell the difference - either during sex or after. Hello?! Even if you're too drunk to tell the difference between skin and latex, wouldn't you know the next morning??????

So then we're supposed to believe that she's surprised when she's pregnant - oh wait, that's because we're supposed to believe that she thought he used a condom. Hmmmmmm.

This entire mess could have been avoided so easily. You sleep with some random guy, hey, why not get the morning after pill the next day. Nothing is fertilized yet and you can stop the mess that ensued. And before you religious people get on me about killing babies, let me make a point: She slept with a guy she'd never met - I don't think religion entered in to her mind ever, so the morning after pill shouldn't have been an issue.

Then we're supposed to believe that even though this guy is not attractive (and she's hot and successful) and he doesn't have a job (and doesn't want to get one) and lives in a house with all his buddies where they get high and play video games all day - that this girl falls in love with him.


When she actually said the words "I love you" for the first time, I was like - where the hell did that come from. It was totally unbelievable.

In addition to all that crap, the movie tried to make Paul Rudd's character out to be the bad guy (he played the sister's husband), but quite frankly, all I got out of it was that the sister was a raging bitch and I think Paul Rudd was the only decent character in the entire movie. So that definitely didn't fly with me.

The movie was also filled with age-old guy humor about sex while pregnant and poking the baby's head - things we've all heard for a million years that weren't even that funny the first time. There was nothing ground-breaking, nothing new, nothing worth hearing or seeing.

My final rating: Spare yourself


Kimber An said...

Thanks, Jana. We already did. Like most people, we could tell this one was totally stupid right away.

Jaye Wells said...

Ahhhh man. I wanted to see this.

Tori Lennox said...

From the moment I saw the first ad for this movie, I thought it looked stupid. Glad I was right. *g*

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Oh Jana...I liked it :(

I dont know why. I usually hate stupid movies, but I actually liked this one. I don't know why. I really have absolutely zero justification.

And pregnancy movies usually freak me out. :)

Jana DeLeon said...

kimber - probably a smart move with your discerning taste. I can't imagine you would enjoy it.

jaye - your husband would probably like it, but I would probably spare it for a rental

tori - yeah, I didn't have high hopes either, but I was hoping for better.

dona - well, as my husband says, that's why there's brown cars and blue cars. :) If we all liked the same thing I guess the world would be a pretty boring place. That's why I try to say exactly why I didn't like something so everyone can see my personal taste. That way, if there's is different, it won't hold them back.

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