Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shadow Dancing

No, I'm not talking about the song - I'm talking about my hotel room.

I'm in Tampa this week for a training and staying at a well-known chain hotel downtown. My room is on the second floor and faces the street. It also has this huge window. So the first night I'm there and ready to go to bed, I turn off all the lights and look around the room trying to figure out why it's still so bright. Well, my room has a street light directly in front of it.

I'm not wanting to play like I'm on American Idol or anything, so I walk over to the window intending to pull the drapes closed. That's when I discover that the drapes are only decorative and about a foot wide. They in no way cover the vast space of glass in front of me.

So I have a room that can be easily seen by anyone on the street - with a street lamp right in front of it - and the hotel thought sheers would be a good selection for window covering.

Hello?????? Who thought this was a good idea?

Lucky for them I can sleep under any circumstances - light, noise, construction - pishaw - not going to faze me. But I was thinking that tonight I might pull the sheers closed, wait till dark and hang a tip bucket outside the window. Do a little shadow dancing for side money. What do ya think?????


Tori Lennox said...

Ye gods. How bloody stupid. I do hope you intend to tell them how stupid that is before you leave? :)

Jana DeLeon said...

I will definitely tell them as I check out, but since I'm eating here, I probably won't say anything until I'm on my way out the door. :)

Kimber An said...

You're one tough lady. I'm way too senstive to handle stuff like that!

Jana DeLeon said...

Hmmmm, tough or lazy???? LOL

Kelly Parra said...

Sounds like a fun to me! haha! Shadow puppets are good too. =D

Jana DeLeon said...

kelly - there's construction across the road and they start before dawn. I could probably rack up some serious tips. :)

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