Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not Too Bright

What's wrong with people? Wait - don't answer that. Blogger probably doesn't have the server space to house the answer. More specifically, what's wrong with people when they park their cars?

I'm in Lexington (where it didn't snow, BTW, but was supposed to) and I'm parked in front of the hotel - right up front pulled up to the shrubbery against the building. I am square in the middle of my space, parked correctly. When I go to leave that night for dinner, somebody has parked next to me like an ass. You know the drill:

They couldn't fit properly, so they've pulled into the space at an angle. Which means you either scramble over the top of the trunk or pole vault over the rear of the cars to get to the driver's side door. Walking around front is out unless I can scale a building like Spider Man or want to take a hike through the bushes.

Of course, that's assuming you could even open the driver's side door without banging into the other car - Not! Not without the jaws of life and a two year stint on Jenny Craig, anyway.

Mind you, there's five billion other empty space within twenty foot of where this idiot parked but NOOOOOOOOOO, they had to block me in. I guess some people figure if THEY can get out of THEIR car then that's all that's important.

Well, here's a newsflash for you: You're not too bright if you park this way next to a car clearly marked "Hertz Rental." But those dents can be removed - really. And maybe that paint can be buffed. Guess you'll figure it out.


Wendy Roberts said...

LOL! Those are the guys you wanna 'key' something nasty into their paint.

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh dear, let me guess - was it a Buick? I am going to make my fortune on bumper stickers that read: "Beware the Buick." You usually find eensy gray heads bobbing just over the steering wheel of that Skylark or LaCrosse (better coiffed heads) docking into those spots. I had a giant can do that to me last week - I'm a Boston Driver. I wrote him a note and slapped it on his windshield. It did not end with a smiley face....

Sassy Sistah said...

Sartre was right - "Hell is other people."

Maybe we could print up some bumper stickers that say, "BEWARE - IDIOT BEHIND WHEEL" and slap them on bumpers (discreetly, of course) in situations like this. Just don't get caught.

I dunno. I just tend to go bat-shit crazy in situations like this. No telling what might happen. Certainly, there would be dents.

Jana DeLeon said...

wendy - yes, I have wanted to do exactly that on occasion. :)

kim - you know,it may have been a Buick. It was definitely something big and square and probably not driven by anyone under the age of 70 and with any kind of eyesight at all. I wonder if "note guy" actually paid attention.

sassy - lol on the Sartre! Maybe the bumper stickers aren't a bad idea. I'll start with WARNING: I can't park for shit!

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