Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

It's officially Mardi Gras - well, technically Louisiana celebrates Mardi Gras for several weeks, but today is the big official throw-down. The first American Mardi Gras was celebrated March 3, 1699 near present day New Orleans, but it's roots go back even further to Rome. In the mid-1800's, the tradition of the parade started and has been going strong ever since - completely organized and run by "krewes," clubs comprised to handle this one celebration.

The origin of Mardi Gras (aka Shrove Tuesday) is tied to Roman Catholic countries and spring fertility rites, but it has evolved a bit over time. The last day of Mardi Gras falls on Fat Tuesday, a Roman Catholic religious day and the purpose is fairly simple - it's one final day of partying and gluttony before Ash Wednesday, when it's all given up for lent. Which makes perfect sense because let's face it - in Louisiana most everything comes back around to a reason for drinking beer.

And in case any of you are wondering what today's title means (and some of you might be since I autograph my books with it) - "Let the good times roll!"

You'll find this statement imprinted on tons of Mardi Gras goodies (albiet with various spellings) and also in tons of shops and restaurants across Louisiana.

So tonight, lift your beer or glass of wine in celebration of Mardi Gras - and have dessert while you're at it!


Kimber An said...

Have fun, Jana! I'm glad to finally know what that means since you wrote it on my book cover too.

Jaye Wells said...

I almost forgot it was today! Guess I'll just drink a bunch of wine and flash the hubster since I don't have a party to attend.

Jana DeLeon said...

kimber - darn it, I meant to include that information when I sent the books. Oh well, mind-none-remaining. :)

LOL Jaye - I'm sure your hubby won't mind your "fill in" idea.

Kelly Parra said...

Jana, I've never been, but it always looks like a wild good time on TV. =D

Wendy Roberts said...

Missed your celebration but I'm fasting today *yawn*

Jana DeLeon said...

kelly - I've never been to NO for Mardi Gras either. Of course, the big joke in Louisiana is that only visitors attend MG in NO. Every town in Louisiana has celebrations and parades, heck it's a state holiday, so it's not really necessary to endure the people and crime. The celebrations in my home town were lots of fun!

Wendy - fasting - yuck!

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