Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Big Thank You

So sorry I didn't post yesterday. I'm about as busy as I can get. Had class Mon/Tues am IN class the rest of the week for a certification I need AND I have to take a test at the end. Eeek! I'm not even going to tell you when the last time I took a test was because then you might figure out how old I am. Let's just say it's been more than ten years.

In addition to that I have a book that needs to go to my agent in 20 days (that is not finished), a sick dog, two expense reports to do, two trips to book, two doctor calls to make, one insurance policy to renew, one warranty policy to renew and all my bills to pay. Oh, and I need clean laundry for a booksigning I have this Saturday - where there might be television coverage - double eeek! But enough of my whining and onto my story:

I had an interesting thing happen on Saturday and wanted to share it with you. My husband and I were eating breakfast in a local restaurant when a guy seated behind us had a heart attack and fell out into the floor. Now this man could never, ever be a character in my current book because he is the luckiest person I've met in a long time - you see, a doctor was sitting in the booth next to him.

The doctor dropped to the floor, checked his vitals and immediately began performing CPR, while asking questions of the wife who indicated the heart trouble. The best part - he saved the man's life! Within five minutes the EMT's were there and the man was breathing and talking when they arrived.

So here's a big THANK YOU to all medical personel - doctors, nurses, EMT's, firemen, paramedics. You do a fabulous job and we're all lucky to have people in society who dedicate their lives to helping others.


Wendy Roberts said...

Jana, you see and hear the most extraordinary things when you go to restaurants! Makes me want to find new places to eat ha ha.

Good luck with your busy schedule.

Jaye Wells said...

What a great story!

Where's the booksigning?

Tori Lennox said...

I agree with Wendy. The most interesting things happen around you when you're in a restaurant!

Jana DeLeon said...

wendy - the funny part is, I soooooo don't go looking for drama. I don't have time for it but always seem to find it. :)

jaye - booksigning is at the B&N in Tyler from 4:00-6:00. I need to put it up on my website - and blog - one more thing I haven't done yet. (sigh)

tori - you should get out more and i'll just bet you see some weird things too.

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