Monday, February 05, 2007

Movie Review Monday

It's time again for Movie Review Monday.

Movie Seen: The Messengers

This was a horror movie - you might have guessed that by the scary looking crows on the SUV. And I guess it could have been scary, but it just really wasn't. What this movie needed was another thirty minutes of plot and character development - not to mention a bit more backstory. It was utterly predictable, which for me is nothing new, but it was so limiting in character scope that it was too obvious who the bad guy was.

Also, they could have had the town be creepy and play into the movie. There was a storyline with a banker that didn't resolve itself at all although the music and other indicators were there that he was part of the plot.

All of this I could have passed over if the movie had made it on creep factor. Let's face it, The Grudge was a crappy movie but the creep factor was high. Same for The Ring. But The Messengers only had a scene or two of good creep and not a single one that made me jump or even twitch.

Overall, I'll give this one a C- for effort.

My final words: If you like cheesy horror - it's a rental

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Wendy Roberts said...

I've been really disappointed with horror in movies and books lately. It's like everyone's holding back or going for gore instead of creepy.

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