Thursday, January 11, 2007

Almost Friday

It's been another lovely week. Yes, you can go ahead and read a little sarcasm in that statement. But I swear, I have gotten so jaded to trouble that it simply doesn't faze me any longer. Like when I got an email at about 10:00 pm Tuesday night that said my web designer/hoster had notified the company they resale their service for that as of January 8th they were out of business and I had 48 hours to move my service to the main provider or my website would be shut down. Nice. So I go looking for the scuttlebutt on the internet and apparently my web designer pissed off some people with money who took the time to aggravate the Attorney General in MO and she's now forbidden to own/operate anything to do with the internet.

Now, I'm certainly not advocating poor business practices, but c'mon. Did anyone, including the Attorney General, even stop to consider that the 15 women (and some of them NFL wives - ie bored, useless bimbos) who sued because their sites weren't launched in the timeline given were going to put hundreds of existing clients that WERE doing business in the lurch by their actions? But I guess no one really gives a shit as long as they get what they want, right? The reality is, I didn't have any issues with my web builder - sure she was slow and didn't even come close to her original deadline - but I don't know many true artists that do. They seem to keep tinkering with things forever. Being a writer, I totally understand the constant tinkering and thinking something can happen faster than it will. Because I know how it is. True art is never created on a schedule. Oh, you can set a deadline and try to meet it, but those bursts of brilliance can't be scheduled on you Palm Pilot.

So I paid the $20 to move my site to the main host server and thanked my lucky stars that the web builder had at least contacted the main provider and asked him to please offer all her clients the ability to move their sites so they wouldn't lose any business time. Sounds like a truly horrible person, right?

Anyway, I'm a little peeved over that whole thing. Especially as I was wanting her to design me some other things I had in mind and well, guess not now.

On the training front, I am in Charlotte, NC this week for one of those training/conversions like I did in Philadelphia in November. Those of you who follow me regularly might remember that when I was in Philly, the computer center lost their internet connection. Well, guess what? You got it - the computer center lost their internet connection yesterday morning. Now, for those of you who don't understand the magnitude of this - I train/convert on a WEB BASED software. No internet - No trainee.

The store person checked, found out the problem was at a National level and was trying to get an ETA. So I gave her my cell number and the class went shopping next door at Kohl's. Hey, it was their idea. I got a really cute pair of fuzzy slippers and a pair of flip flops with glittery silver straps for $10. Not bad. The internet came back up right about the time we were about to break for lunch and we worked double time in the afternoon to catch up.

Always something fun. I think if I had a week with no challenges, I might collapse from all the extra energy.


Jaye Wells said...

Once again, shopping is proven to be the cure for stress. Hope you get to relax this weekend.

Tori Lennox said...

I can't help wondering why the bimboes needed web sites in the first place.

Shopping during work. What a great concept! :)

Cindy Taylor said...

Well, crud on the website deal. What a cluster****! How exactly does one get so pissed off about a person not meeting a deadline that they can get the state to shut them down?? I have a list I'd like to hand over of contractors who've never gotten back to me with bids on an addition.

Oh, wait, I forgot. I'm not so self-absorbed that I need to ruin their life to make me happy. Yay for them.

The sound of hair swishing is me shaking my head over the Internet deal. But to shop during office hours had to be a rush. Hope is gets better in NC!

Kelly Parra said...

ugh, sorry about the website business. What a pain. Hope things go smoothly now! =D

haha, sounds like a good beginning to the class!

Jana DeLeon said...

lol jaye - yes, shopping does seem to be the cureall

tori - the bimbos are opening online stores - that's mostly what my webdesigned was known for, oscommerce site for boutiques, etc. They wasting their husbands money, probably because they're bored and you can only have your hair bleached so many times a month.

cindy - yeah, self-absorbed pretty much sums it up in my opinion.

kelly - I know, right? Hopefully everything is all right for now but I'm going to have to see about doing something different for the future. Like paying more money and having someone else deal with this mess. :)

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