Saturday, January 21, 2006

Weekly Update

So I gave my first workshop today - I'm officially a speaker!

Essentially, I bored a very nice group of women to death with the Internal Revenue Code.

Not really, at least, I hope they weren't bored (not all of them anyway), but let's face it, taxes are something that make most people's eyes glaze over.

Hopefully, I helped everyone understand their rights and how to file and what to take, etc. I have the benefit of also being an accountant, but I definitely understand the horror people feel when looking at a Schedule C for the first time.

Took my author photo yesterday and my photographer has got his work cut out for him. I took a side trip to visit our new home (currently under construction) and flagged down my contractor with a question. We spoke for a minute then I asked "so are we still looking at closing in May?" He gave me this strange look and said "no, this house will be ready by February 28th."

HUH!!!!! As in barely over a month away!!!!!!

So I showed up to my photo shoot with hives all over my neck - a sure sign of stress.

(big sigh) Maybe I should have named this blog "Making Things Worse by Talking to Your Contractor." I mean, what are the odds - I'm probably the only human being in the world who had the contractors finish their home early and I'm the only one in the world who wanted them to finish late.

Guess I better get off of here and get to packing.


Kelly Parra said...

Were you just not set to move early to your new home? Sounds like you'll be busy soon enough!

And tell me, we're you nervous doing the workshop? I keep asking myself if I'll ever be able to give one. Me, who gets embarrassed when all eyes are on me. ;D

Jana DeLeon said...

No, I soooooo wasn't ready to move so soon. I was planning on wrapping up all accounting and writing business by the end of January and taking Feb-April to leisurely decide what I would pack and move - yeah, right.

I was nervous at first but it was a small group (only 15 people) so it was a great way to start. And I was talking on something I really know so I didn't feel like I would be asked something I couldn't answer. They were all very nice and said it helped a lot, so I hope it did.

I used to be so self-conscience, especially after I gained weight, then I realized that I look right over people the same size as me all the time. I think we see all the "wrongs" with ourselves that others don't even notice. I'm sure you'll be able to do a workshop when the time comes.

You could do a great one on website building and what should go into it. You definitely know that. Plus your blog and interviews are very successful so that goes back into the need to establish a web presence early.

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks, Jana, I've thought about a topic on website building and promoting before selling. I guess I just have to think on it some!

I'm so glad your workshop went smoothly, and yeah, we always seem to be more critical of our selves more than others. We need to snap out of it! =D

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