Sunday, January 22, 2006


Okay, so most everyone read my (non) bath bead fiasco, and for those of you that have been around a while, you probably remember that I can't walk like a normal person and fell off a sidewalk at Thanksgiving, giving me a goose egg on my right ankle.

Well, disaster has struck again.

In fact, the day after the bath nightmare, I went out to walk my dog and was no more than five houses from being home when I fell off the sidewalk and twisted the same ankle again. I yelled, scared the heck out of the dog, and stood like a stork for a good five minutes wondering if I should pull out my cell phone and call someone to drive me the quarter of a block to my house. The goose egg returned post haste.

The following Friday was frought with disaster since I had the contractor tell me they were finishing my house a mere four months early and I get to move in like five weeks. Oh shit! I had my author photo later that day and went to it with hives on my neck.

The next night my husband and I went to a couple friend's house to eat pizza and watch a movie. They have one of those cool spiral staircases that circle their entry-way (you already see it coming, don't you). Anyway, the staircase is carpeted except for the bottom step which the builder referred to as a "starter step" and they paid extra to have it the same wood as the floor. Well, it's pretty, but you perception in dim light is that you're about to step on the floor, NOT another step, so I caught the end of it with my LEFT ankle and twisted the heck out of it, fell on my bad shoulder and a knee, broke a nail and in my horror of falling, reached back to grab the railing and completely wrenched a wrought iron stake out of their stairs. So I tumbled to the ground essentially clutching the equivalent of a fire poker. Not my most graceful moment. Now I have TWO goose eggs. Do you have any idea how ridiculous it looks to limp on BOTH sides????

So I was talking to my husband about my run of bad luck and throwing out the question of whether I was taking on the characteristics of my current heroine who had a voodoo curse put on her and is unlucky, which is also the working title of the book. I decided that if I'm going to have some paranormal connection to my heroine, I am writing a lottery winner next.


Kelly Parra said...

Oh Jana, ouch! Take care of yourself, and watch those pesky steps. At least you survived your author photos! ;D

Jana DeLeon said...

And we're buying a two-story house...........

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