Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Unlucky Part 2

Okay, so now even I'm buying it - I'm definitely unlucky. Not sure if it's a paranormal connection with my current heroine or not but for whatever reason weird things are happening to me.

My current horror - where to eat breakfast.

For ten years (five to seven days a week) I have eaten breakfast at the same restuarant. I have friends there in the staff as well as the customers. I speak with the same people on a daily basis and we solve the world's problems. It's also where I write my books. Three and a half years I've sat at the counter, drinking coffee and telling stories.

I have a proposal I want to get out by next week, so I headed out early to my breakfast spot only to see a big "CLOSED" sign on the front door. The owner of the chain closed every location in Texas. No warning to guests OR employees.

I feel like a homeless person. Now, realize, that my house is torn up and junked up from us preparing to move in February. You couldn't have a creative thought in that mess if your life depended on it. And now my working place is gone. Before next week I have to find a new working place and force myself to think I'm in the habit of working there or I'll never finish this proposal.

Good grief. When I move, I'm going to do most of my writing at home so this dependency doesn't happen again.

I'm appalled. I'm disgusted.

I'm apparently unlucky.


Kelly Parra said...

For ten years? Wow, Jana, you are a writer of habit. So sorry it closed like that without any warning. I hope you find a back-up soon!

Jana DeLeon said...

I'm looking - have tested two places so far, but neither have made my chi happy. (sigh) I'll keep looking.

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