Friday, January 20, 2006

Author Photo

So I finally quit fighting it (and ran out of time to protest) and I'm having my author photo done today. Do any of you hate having photos made as much as I do? I mean, I can never figure out what exactly to do with my expression. I don't want to smile because I always look stupid when I smile, but I don't want to look like I've sucked lemons either. Especially since I'm a humor writer and people not think I'm very funny if I'm that disgruntled looking.

Then what do you wear? How do you style your hair? How much makeup do you wear? Do you do one of those chin on the hands shots or just a head? Do you throw in the boobs for good measure or is that waaaaaayyyyyy too much of me for the back of a book?


I'll update you later on and post a picture when they are ready. I swear the only person who is excited (besides my agent who has been nagging) is my mother, who hasn't had a professional photo of me since I was 21.


Kelly Parra said...

LOL, Jana!

I'm with you on the same matter. Just got the good ol' hair trim yesterday. I'm supposed to have my pics done this weekend. I wouldn't have even got the hair cut and got my butt moving if my husband hadn't given me a little push! =D

Jana DeLeon said...

I did the hair thing last weekend in anticipation of the "big event." I'm dreading it already.

Anonymous said...


I came by your blog by way of Kelly's (I have the same agent you guys do). I'm on submission now and only hope I get to the author pic stage. It seems pretty quick after the sale that you had to get the pic done. I was thinking I'd have months post-sale to get ready. I guess not.

When you post more on the photo session, it would be lovely if you could share any tips you gained from the experience.


Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Kim - and congratulations on signing with Kristin!!!!! You will LOVE working with her. She is fabulous!

The author photo was not due to the publisher now but I've been getting not-so-subtle hints from Kristin and a publicist that I did a phone session with about getting a professional photo for both my website and Kristins. So I decided I wasn't getting any younger OR better looking and I may as well do it now.

I think the pic is actually due to Dorchester in a couple of months, which would put it five or six months before release. So that should give you an idea. I say, if you have any vanity and you're on submission, go ahead and start your diet, schedule Botox, or whatever now. LOL

Or you can get a really good photographer who's willing to touch you up to whatever you'd like (grins).

Nice meeting you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jana,

Nice meeting you, too! You're too funny in your blog, so I look forward to the book. It's the diet thing, so I guess I better get started on that. Thanks for the info.

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