Saturday, August 19, 2006

Too Hot to Live

Well, I'm packing again - this time I'm heading to San Diego. Haven't ever been there before but people say it's beautiful. I think anywhere with an ocean is beautiful, so I'm fully prepared to agree upon arrival. Was assessing that whole clean underwear thing on my way home from work on Friday (since the last three pair of clean had traveled to Denver) and was sorely tempted to just head to the mall and buy new instead of doing laundry. Traveling is very tiring, not to mention the job it involves and the whole writing a new book while trying to market another. Then there's life in general, which tends to interfere with doing what one damned well pleases. So anyone, I was faced with the struggle all women go through at some time or another - laundry or new purchase.

Now let me tell you, most women go for the new purchase. After all, it's the double threat - you get to shop AND you get out of domestic duties. So I left my desk at 5:00 intending to just buy new underwear to pack for San Diego. Until I walked out the door.

People, there is something seriously wrong when it is so damned hot I'd rather do laundry than shop. But I know my house is cool - not so much with the mall. And there's that whole parking and walking thing. So anyway - I headed home and threw on a load of laundry.

So I will not be sporting new undies in San Diego but I won't be going commando either. I will be in California until Friday, so Monday I will do my blog on the book you absolutely have to read. Are you interested????? Am I teasing you??????

Good. See you Monday.


Tori Lennox said...

I haven't been to San Diego in several years, but I loved visiting there. It's a very nifty city. :)

As for shopping vs laundry, I'd probably have opted for laundry in the first place. I hate going to the mall. The only shopping I like to do in person is for books (and even those I usually buy online). I'm such an atypical woman. *g*

And, yes, you ARE a tease!!! :)

Colleen Gleason said...

Did you say you'd rather do laundry than shop??? OMG! Is hell freezing over? (No, it's taking over Texas!)

LOL. Have a safe trip! Great chatting with you the other day!

holli Bertram said...

Okay, exactly how hot is it there in Texas? I'm not a huge mall shopper, but I would've managed a quick stop at Target.
Have a great trip to San Diego. I've always wanted to see their zoo...

Jana DeLeon said...

Good evening everyone! It's a very pleasant 70 degrees here in San Diego and I think I've finally solved the mystery of why anyone would pay a million dollars for an 800 square foot home.

It's about 106-107 every day in Texas and has been for over a month. Even worse, there's humidity to go along with it, so it's an absolute sweat box.

So yeah, I'd rather do laundry than shop. Horrible isn't it?

Colleen - check back tonight - my post is all about you.

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