Friday, August 25, 2006

Tired of Complaining.......BUT

I know you're probably all tired of hearing me complain about by traveling woes, but I can't help it. I have another couple of complaints. I think the problem is that I'm a anal-retentive organized and highly efficient person and the one thing I can't stand wasting is time and energy because I don't have enough of either to waste.

So I returned from San Diego today and here's my couple of problems.

1. My flight left at 6:15am and the airline instructed me to be at the airport by 4:15. So I was in line (like a good girl following orders) at 4:!5 on the dot. Only problem is - the security gate didn't open until 4:45. Huh? I could have spent that thirty minutes having a good breakfast at Denny's instead of paying $5.47 for a small yogurt and apple juice at the airport.

2. If you are going to make a restroom stall only 4 foot long, and I am required by federal law to keep my bag in my possession at all times, you need to do one of two thing: make the bottom of the door high enough to close OVER a pull on bag or reverse the hinges on the door so that it opens out. Seriously, if you men out there ever wonder why it takes so long in the ladies room at the airport, it's because we're all doing Yoga trying to get in the stall with our luggage. And there's nothing like using the bathroom with your legs propped up on your bag.

3. If you are going to fly, please come out from under your rock and learn that YOU CANNOT BRING YOUR STARBUCKS COFFEE ON THE PLANE. That's right, you four idiot businessmen who flew from San Diego to Dallas this morning. Even if you bought it at the airport. Even if you're wearing dress socks and have a pocket protector. Ever if (fill in the blanks). NO LIQUIDS ON THE PLANE. The lady at the counter literally said this three times over the PA, then had to tell four different men to unload their coffee. Then they proceeded to complain. Get over yourself. National security is not about one person's convenience and even if it was - it wouldn't be you. You're not important enough.

Okay, enough ranting. I'm off to bed. I leave for Indy on Sunday and have to take care of that clean underwear thing all over again. (sigh)


Tori Lennox said...

Excellent points all! Re: the businessmen and their coffee... just proves my theory that the large majority of the population is Just. Plain. Stupid. Or really, really self-absorbed. *g*

Colleen Gleason said...

ROTFLMAO. Jana, I'm surprised you didn't strangle those four business men yourself.

Can you imagine how the flight attendants must feel, though? They probably have to deal with Mr. I'm-Special-I-Don't-Have-To-Follow-The-Rules fifteen times a day.

Jana DeLeon said...

I'm with you, Tori, on the JPS theory. But since I'm hoping to make a living writing about some of them, I guess I shouldn't complain. lol

Hi Colleen, I just shook my head and asked what rock they'd been under. And you couldn't pay me enough to be a flight attendant.

Tori Lennox said...

Yeah, the JPS people do provide lots of fodder for writers. *g*

Kelly Parra said...

Jana, when does the traveling stop? You must be exhausted. Take care and I hope you're managing to rest and write! =D

Cindy Taylor said...

My vote is for really, really self-absorbed. *g*

Jana, I have to crack up at the fact that you were early, and they were closed. Isn't that just your luck? Hopefully this week won't be so adventurous.

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