Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The California I Was Expecting to See

Okay, so I admit it - I'm no world traveler. Heck I'm not even much of a US traveler, but apparently that is all changing. And those of you who read this regularly know I took a new job as a corporate trainer and am traveling to different cities around the country running my mouth about software. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was in San Mateo and it was pretty, but I still didn't feel like I was in California. I'll go ahead and admit, it's stupid to expect a Baywatch experience, but that's the California I know from tv - just call me silly.

Well, I'm in San Diego this week and darn it if it isn't the California I know from video. Check out these photos. Look at this street - palm trees lining every side.

And here's an official lifeguard and EMT station on the beach. Baywatch, eat your heart out. This is too cool!

Here's one of those official boardwalks like you see on tv. Tons of people walking, in all states of dress, people riding bicycles, or using inline skates or skateboarding.

See this building to the left? This clinches it - I'm definitely in California. The signs came out too small to read, but you tell me where else you can go into an oceanside building and buy all required swim/surfwear, sign up for surfing lessons and get a body piercing?

This is a really pretty place and if it weren't for the earthquakes (which I haven't gotten to experience, darn it), the mudslides, the fires and the fact that for the price I paid for my house in Dallas, I could probably buy a cardbox box here - I'd be on the next moving truck out.


Tori Lennox said...

Aren't California real estate prices insane? But San Diego is a very cool city. I'd love to see it again someday. :)

Love your pictures!

Jana DeLeon said...

The prices ARE insane, but it's really pretty and there's the smell of the ocean and well, the cardboard box is almost worth it. (sigh)

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