Friday, May 05, 2006

The Ketchsup Nazi's

I have two complaints this week - things that have been bothering me ever since I moved. I know they may seem completely trivial, but you know how something stupid can stick in your craw until you can't stand it anymore.

The first is my breakfast. Okay, you have to understand that for me, breakfast is a sacred event. It's the only thing I ever did religiously. When I lived in the old house, I'd eaten at the same breakfast place for over ten years - almost every day. I had friends there (and I still see them from time to time) the waitresses all knew me and knew how to serve me, I got GREAT work done at that restuarant. In fact, the entire rough draft of Rumble on the Bayou was written over breakfast. Well, that restuarant closed just before I moved and I've been in a state of flux ever since. I haven't found any place in the new town that I really like and the service is what has gotten on my last nerves.

I've been going in this one place for the past two months. They see me almost every day, yet I keep having to remind them not to seat me in the dark area of the restuarant because I need to see to read. I ALWAYS work during breakfast. So they put me at a four-top table, which is great and plenty of room for the Alphasmart, notes, etc. So I order food immediatley, which is not the norm, but the wait staff hovers until you do and I can't work so I just order. Now, I'm one person sitting at a four-top - there is PLENTY of room on the table for them to set my Cream of Wheat to the side and not disturb my writing. But every damned day they stand there, holding the bowl and looking down at me like I'm the one preventing them from doing their job. So EVERY DAMNED DAY I point to the half of the table that is completely empty and say "just put it there."

What is wrong with these people? Have they never had a thought so complex that they don't understand not interuppting someone when they're working? Do I really need to acknowledge the Cream of Wheat bowl for it to arrive at the table? See my old restaurant never, ever bothered me when I was working. They knew, they understood. They would hold food under the heat lamp until I looked up from my Alphasmart, then ask if I wanted it. Smart - great service. People who actually have a clue and are aware of their surroundings. The new place also has to ask you every time they pass your table if you want more coffee. Since my coffee is usually on the inside of the table, if it is empty and I have placed it on the far outside nearest the walkway - wouldn't that tell you I want more. Again - WHY are you speaking to me?

So I can no longer work on my books during breakfast and am having to adjust. Or maybe I need to try a different restaurant, but so far, I haven't liked the food at any other. (sigh) Please, if we have anyone who waited tables out there, let me know if I'm being a total bitch or if the wait staff is just sooooooo not getting it.

Next complaint: Can someone please tell me who told McDonald's employees to become ketchsup Nazi's? Now, I'm not a small girl - and neither is my husband - small OR a girl. And when we order fast food, there's plenty of it. So why in the world do they think two ketchsups for chicken nuggets, hamburgers and fries is enough for two people? Are we on a ketchsup ration? Is there a bigger shortage of ketchsup than oil and no one told me? And if you ask for more, they first pretend they don't understand, then when you insist, they get this agrieved look like you just ask for their firstborn to join a satanic cult with you and practically throw more ketchsup out the window.

Are these people bonuses on the ketchsup inventory? And if not, why in the world do they care how much ketchsup I eat? Like everything else they just handed me is healthy and the ketchsup is going to kill me.............I don't get it.

Okay, enough bitching for this Friday. Maybe I'll make Friday my "end of the week bitch day."

What's your bitch today?


Lady M said...


Sheesh - I've been chortling coffee at every blog this morning!

Trying to catch up. *G*

And no doubt - Mc D's is losing it.

Hugs and hope you find breakfast - if not at Tiffany's at least somewhere that makes your heart happy.

LZ Blogger said...

Came over here from Kelly's blog. I have absolutely NOTHING to bitch about, especially on a Friday. Breakfast is sacred to many of us! ~ jb///

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi lady m ! Coffee drinking is a dangerous thing while catching up on blogs. :)

Welcome lz - I'm so glad you have no complaints. Can I borrow your life until tomorrow? :)

Wendy said...

I write at Starbucks at least once a week. It's great because once you have your coffee and your table, usually you're safe from conversation with strangers. I've tried writing in restaurants over lunch but all of that, "Can I get you anything else?" crap kills my muse.

Come to Canada, Jana, and let's do Starbucks together :)

Jana DeLeon said...

Ah, Starbucks - I love Starbucks.

My rear end - not so much.

I'd love to visit you, Wendy. But I'm afraid if we went to Starbucks together, we'd be talking and not writing. :) At least I would be.

Kelly Parra said...

Ugh, so sorry things aren't going good with the new restaurant, Jana!

I hope you find a new place soon, but it may take a while. As for fast food restaurants, they always short you on something. ;D

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Kelly! What I really need to find is a DIET food restuarant. :) But why in the world would you pay to eat healthy? It's a constant struggle. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure out something eventually.

And you're sooooo right about fast food. We never leave the parking lot without pulling the entire order out of the bag. There's always something missing.

Colleen Gleason said...

Jana, LOL!!!

I hear you on the restaurant routine. I do a lot of my plotting and reading over lunch--a break from the computer, a way to get out of the house/office--and there are a few different places I go and most of them know exactly how to serve me. Those are the ones I go back to.

As for the ketchup conundrum...I have one word of advice: Wendy's. They let you squirt as much ketchup in those little paper cups as you want. Ketchup galore!!!

Jana DeLeon said...

But if I go to Wendy's, I have to get out of the car. Fat people don't want to walk........ :)

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