Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Magical Shoes Revisited

I'll go ahead and admit it, my favorite movie of all times is The Wizard of Oz. I remember back in the day (don't I sound like your grandmother) of television antennaes and TV Guide, scanning the new listing every week after our grocery store run to see if this was the week that TWoO was on television. Of course, now we're in the day of on-demand everything so I can watch the wizard whenever I want. God, I always wanted a pair of those shoes.

Well, apparently I'm not the only one who wanted Dorothy's ruby, red slippers. Author Shanna Swendson has followed up her spectacular debut, Enchanted, Inc., with another big hit called Once Upon Stilletos - featuring a magical pair of red shiny shoes. What more could a girl ask for - oh wait, great characters, an intriguing plot, fantastic writing technique - well, it's all there.

And FYI, for all those mothers out there, Shanna and Ally Carter (see previous blog on Ally's newest release) both write very PG, so their books are suitable for younger readers.

So click your heels together, say "there's no place like a bookstore" three times and jump in your car to buy Once Upon Stilletos.

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