Friday, April 21, 2006

What are you?

Busy, busy Friday planned. I have to finish up business at the corporate office, meet a guy to measure for carpet at the old house and start a software conversion at a property this afternoon. If that wasn't enough, this is DARA weekend, so tonight is dinner with visiting author, spend the night at meeting hotel with CP and DARA meeting tomorrow complete with PAN luncheon (my first!)

So I got to thinking about the meeting and I wondered - what kind of person are you - auditory or visual. I think I've decided I'm visual when it comes to learning but auditory other times, which really makes no sense. Essentially, I rarely notice anything around me. I'm simply not paying attention. But when I'm at a workshop, I have trouble paying attention to the speaker - I was the same way in school. But if I'm talking to people casually, I remember everything said down to the exact words and inflection.

Basically I learn best by reading - novels, books on writing technique, etc - and I retain the information far longer than if I heard it in a classroom. So is that visual?

So I guess my question is - what the heck am I? Visual? Auditory? Scycophrenic?

And do you know what you are?


Lady M said...

I'm visual/auditory.

I learn by seeing it done and then being left to do it with minor corrections.

I dislike long sessions of blah blah blah that I tune out - and I can't stand to read a manual.

Sigh - ADHD all the freaking way. Sigh... Hey - is that a chicken crossing the road? Oh and yeah - sometimes I have to force myself to do things like learn and clean.

Neither of which are favorable under any circumstances. LOL!

Kelly Parra said...

Hey, those words are too big for me. lol! Just kidding. I'm visual. I never paid attention in high school during lectures either.

Your weekend sounds fun! I get to go to a conference in a few weeks and I'm excited about going. =D

Jana DeLeon said...

LOL on the chicken, lady m. And I do have to force myself to learn sometimes. The cleaning isn't a problem though, for that I write checks to the cleaning lady - one of the minor advantages of keeping the day job.

Kelly - have fun at your conference. Dreamin in Dallas was just three weeks ago and I had a blast. Kristin was here for it and I got to hang with her and Shanna Swendson who is also local.

Colleen Gleason said...

Hey Jana! Love the new look of your blog! Can't wait to see your new website...and congrats on the two-laptop bargain!

I'm mostly visual myself, since ya asked!

And...I'm an almond, by the way. ;-)

Jana DeLeon said...

I love almonds, Colleen - are you smoked or toasted?

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