Friday, April 14, 2006

Let's Here It for the Typo

I got my galleys for Rumble last week and they're due back next Thursday, so I'm spending my Good Friday holiday working on my "other" career choice. I got about a hundred pages in and was starting to worry because I hadn't found anything wrong. Then the writer's paranoia set in and I started to wonder "will they think I'm an idiot with no talent if I can't find a mistake" or "what is they purposefully make an error just to see if I'm good enough to catch it" - anyway, that's why I write with mystery elements. It goes with the personality.

So I am very happy and excited to announce - I FOUND A TYPO!

My conscience is clear. I can now go forward with galley proofing and feel that I am indeed, worthy of a published book.

You know, I never really knew just how strange I was until I started writing. We must all be nuts.


Lady M said...

Yep - every single last one of us.

I'm an almond - how about you?


Happy Galley day!

Lady M

Jana DeLeon said...

I'm a cashew, I think. And I'm laughing my ass off at myself at the moment, because I just realize I have a typo in my own blog title - "here" versus "hear"

I could change it, but it's too funny.

Kelly Parra said...

Typos are good on galleys, then! *laughs* Good luck with them. An interesting episode I'll have to do one of these days too!

Have a Happy Easter, Jana!!

Lady M said...

Typos are good anywhere. You always know a typo vs. illiteracy - and it makes you realize the person posting isn't pretentious - but is, in fact, human!


Jana DeLeon said...

Ugh, pretentious is a four-letter word for me. I'm anything but. And definitely not perfect (although I'm not telling my husband).

Hi Kelly - yes, you have galleys to look forward to. And Happy Easter to you to!

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