Thursday, April 13, 2006

Change of Scenery

Good morning everyone!

Thought I'd have a change of scenery on the blog and get some pretty blue going. I liked the parchment thing, but I have news that makes the parchment all wrong -

I've commissioned a new website! Yahoo! No more struggling with html and software that makes me go bald!

It was a hard decision since I am technically an IT junkie - it's part of my day job. And I'm a fairly decent programmer when it comes to financial applications. And I probably could have learned the website building if I'd taken the time to take some classes or read more in the books, but I finally threw in the towel over graphics. I am not an artist - not that kind of artist anyway. And all the websites I really love have these cool or ultra cute custom graphics.

So my new website is underway. Not sure how long it will take to launch, but I will definitely announce it here.

In the meantime, the proposal for Romance #2 is well underway and I actually like the work this time. It's amazing how your humor can return if you're not so danged stressed.

Oh well, off for now - must clean litter boxes.


Kelly Parra said...

Like the new look, Jana! And cool on the new design. Can't wait to see it! I love checking out new sites. I think it's the creative side of me. *G* How did you finally decide on the designer? I always think it will be easier to hire one, but never know which to choose from. =D

Lady M said...

Love it...

Awesome about the new site coming up!

And hey - that's "DERANGED" not stressed. LOL!

Have a fab time (uhm. Not with the kitty litter - but after all the mucking. *g*).

And We all know you can deliver, so I'm ready!

Lady M

Jana DeLeon said...

Hi Kelly! Choosing a designer was the pits. I basically checked out sites I liked and went to the developer site to see what they offered. I knew what I wanted for a banner (very specifically knew) and there was a general "feel" I wanted so I emailed the designer I liked and asked for a quote on what I wanted done. The price was fabulous - actually half of what I thought I would have to pay, so I said "YES!" I'm using JustTwoGirls. They do hip, trendy, girly sites and that's what I wanted with pretty colors and that light feel that goes with my writing. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Hi lady m! Deranged is probably a much better word! And thanks so much for the vote of confidence. I am feeling much better about this proposal. It truly helps to hang out with other writers. They really help pick you up and keep you going.

Of course, I have galleys on Rumble due by next Friday, so the proposal that was going so well is taking a bit of a back seat for a moment. Oh well, can't complain, this is what I wanted.

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