Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dueling Laptops

So I've been in software training this week because next week I start converting all our property software to a new one - I won't even go into the fun factor of that one.

And we're training at a CompUSA, so I had to take a little time to check out the laptops. My current laptop I purchased around 2000 (I think). Essentially, it is so old I can't even protect it well if I were to run it on the internet, so I don't. I just use it to write and that's it. But I've really, really been yearning for a newer model. One that I could sit in the living room and answer email while watching American Idol (yes, I'm an Idol junkie) or one that I could take out by the pool and actually see the screen. But with all the house-selling and remodeling, I haven't really found a good reason to part with the money.

On Monday, I found two.

CompUSA had these cool Toshiba laptops on clearance for $469!!!! Can you believe it! Now, I'm sure they won't allow me to make my own movies or launch satellites from space, but remember, I just wanted a web surfing, document writing pc with a wireless capability. So I bought TWO! Now, not only can I roam and computerize at the same time, my husband can too and they'll be no arguing over who gets to use the computer.

For 2005, my deal of the year was a camcorder I got when an electronics store was going out of business. It was regular $950 and we paid $350. I'm pretty sure the laptops will be the deal of this year, but I guess there's a lot more year to come.

I suppose I'll just have to keep shopping and see........


Diana Peterfreund said...

Go, Jana! I'm not going to think about what I paid for mine. Nope nope nope. The words "tax deductible" are the only things that see me through...

Jana DeLeon said...

Tax deductible are some of the best words ever created! And if you insist on keeping that whole Mac thing going, you're unfortunately always going to pay more.

I will agree that they are a superior product, though.

Lady M said...

TAX deductible. Yep sirreee bob!

But 2 of 'em! Yay!

You're so very smart. I had to buy my munchkin a laptop this year, just so I could keep mine safe.

Now I want hers. *G*

Ah well - life is good - WTG on the Laptops.

Lady M

Jana DeLeon said...

Thanks lady m! I am so excited. Right now the computer guy is on his way to my house to set up my whole wireless network thingee - that's the technical description for someone in IT. (grins)

BTW - your kids shouldn't have better toys than you.......then what do they have to look forward to as adults? I think perhaps you need a really good birthday or Christmas or anniversary?????

Kelly Parra said...

Wow, what a deal, Jana!! And like Diana, I heart macs. ;D I do have a PC laptop, though, and a mac computer on it's last leg. I can't afford to go mac for both laptop and computer. One of these days I'll get my new mac!!

Jana DeLeon said...

Pretty soon, Kelly, your writing will probably pay for that new Mac. :)

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks, Jana! One of these days... *sigh* ;D

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