Friday, August 17, 2007

TGIF in New York City!!!!

Conversion workshop yesterday was not a smooth sailing adventure. In fact, it was one of the worst ones I've worked. All kinds of issues and if that didn't make it bad enough, the CompUSA training center is two stories below street level so you can't get a phone signal. So if I needed to call for help, I had to go up to the store where employees kept fussing at me for standing in their way. It was a whole lot of fun. Started early, short lunch, finished waaaaayyyyyy later than schedule. And just think - I get to do it all again today!

My flight is late tonight (of course), but the good news is - after this flight, I will be in Dallas for the next three weeks. Thank you Jesus! I might actually get all my laundry done. I might actually eat something besides restaurant or fast food. I might get my cats to remember me. Hell, I might get my husband to remember me.

In a bout of really good news, I want to announce that the Killer Fiction Writers are giving away prize packets of our books (some of the ARC's), so you have the possibility of being one of the first to read some of our new releases. Details for contest wins are on our website, so check it out and go for a win!!!!!

Well, I must get off of here and to my packing. I've enjoyed my NY stay (although I haven't bought a thing), and the food has been good (although the place I ate last night didn't have Coors Light?????) Today for lunch, I am going to HAVE to get a hotdog from a street vendor. Haven't done that one yet but it sounds great!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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